Friday, April 3, 2015

La Lune's Indian Healing Clay Review

11a53536fa6ca0ca383e145676e936459401e148f4c7c170e4 I received my container of La Lune Indian Healing Clay complimentary for my unbiased review. All opinions stated here are 100% my own

I have used many face masks before. Usually I go to the drug store or the grocery store and pick up one of the big name companies products and take it home and use it. Its in a tube or a jar and its all premixed so I just use it. This one is different! And in a very good way I might add. When I first opened the container and saw it was a powder I was a bit taken aback because I wasn't used to mixing my own beauty product. Drinks sure, I can mix a drink or a cake but this was different. But as I read the instructions on the jar it was so simple even I could do it. Notice I didn't say master it lol but I could get by and make it work.

It is easy to mix. Just one part powder and three parts water and it comes with a handy scoop so it was a piece of cake. I got out a plastic bowl because the instructions state not to use a metal bowl or anything metal to mix the clay with. I measured one scoop of powder and three scoops of water into my little red bowl and started mixing with a plastic fork I happened to have.

Once mixed up I took it into the bathroom and began to spread it onto my face. I think I made it a little watery so I have to work on my blending and measuring skills a little bit but I did get it to work. I spread a layer onto my face and in a few minutes I began to feel it tighten as it started the drying process. It says on the label that it draws out the oil and toxins in your face and I could certainly feel something happening on my face. It wasn't painful, just a bit of a tightening feeling.

This photo dosen't really show the green mask very well but you can see it in spots. I kept the Indian Healing Clay on my face for the recommended time. It says 20 to 30 minutes but I think I was closer to the 20 minute time frame. I should have actually kept track of the time and I didn't. It felt completely dry on my face so I thought that was a good indication that it was time to wash it off. It washed off very easily with warm water and a washcloth. My skin feels so soft and fresh! I keep rubbing my cheeks because I can't believe how soft they feel. I don't feel any bumps on my nose from blackheads and usually my nose and chin feel oily and my cheeks feel dry. Right now everything feels the same. I am extremely pleased with the way this clay worked.

La lune Indian Healing Clay is 100% pure Sodium Bentonite and is organic. It comes in a nice 1lb plastic container with the handy scoop and it is made in the USA. I think La lune is an exceptional company, I have used other products of theirs and I have always been happy. They really try to provide quality products that are organic. You can see my video review of this product on my YouTube page at La Lune Indian Healing Clay Video

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