Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Auto Car Chamois Shammy Washing Cloth Review.

I received this Chamois Shammy at a reduced price for my unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own.                                                                                   The Shammy works well in taking excess water off of my mustang. We had hail and snow last night and where I live there is a lot of shade, so when I went outside to test the shammy there was plenty of wet to work with. After pushing a good amount of snow and hail off the hood of my car, I used the Chamois Shammy where it was wet. It perfomed well taking the excess water off my car and leaving it dry. I then tried it on the drivers side of the windshield and again it took the waster off effortlessly. After washing you car, removing water is important to keep water spots from forming. This little shammy will do a great job in keeping your car dry and good looking. After I was done the shammy was really dirty so I popped it in the washer. It cleaned up nicely but I will admit I pretreated it before I washed it. I threw it in the dryer which was a mistake! I didn't ruin it thank goodness but it came out so stiff I thought it was done for. But after running water on it and wringing it out, it was good as new. I know now to let it dry on its own and not in the dryer.

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