Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Smart Weigh Black Digital Scale Review

*** I received this scale complimentary for my unbiased review. All opinions here are 100% my own***

We all know how important portion sizes and measurements are when we are cooking or on a diet. When you read a label and it says a serving size, you want to make sure you  have the right portion so you can keep track of the calories and other nutritional facts. So far, this scale has proven to be outstanding in that capacity. I'm on a weight loss journey. I don't want to say diet because diet sounds both restrictive and temporary. For me, this is going to be a new way of life. Of eating to live instead of living to eat so keeping track and measuring is extremely important to me.

I had a kitchen scale that I won from a contest and while it served a purpose and was better than nothing, it was cheap, plastic, not digital and not really reliable. It didn't measure ounces and it wasn't well marked even in grams. It measured in 20 gram measures with only every 100 actually written out. I was constantly figuring out the amount of grams by counting the lines and then having to do the math (28 grams to the ounce) to figure out exactly how many ounces I had on the scale. It was ok but it wasn't an exact measurement and it took a lot of time.

The Smart Weigh Digital Scale took all that guesswork and math out of the picture for me. It weighs in ml for water, ml for milk, pounds and ounces, ounces only, or grams so its extremely accurate. It also has a feature where you put your container on the scale, then hit the Tare button and it goes back to zero with your container on the scale. You can then add your item to be measured to the container and it gives you the weight of the food only so there is no guess work. It is very easy to read and it runs of 4 AAA batteries. It is also very simple to use. The Mode button lets you change the measurement from pounds to ounces or ml or cups and the other button the Tare controls the off and on, and subtracts the container from the food. 

I really think I am in love because now I know exactly how much I am eating. If a serving says 2 ounces I can measure out exactly 2 ounces, or 2 cups or whatever it is I am eating. I can then figure out accurately my calorie intake and fluid intake for the day. There are a few things you need to be aware of though. It needs to be on a flat hard surface to work correctly and if it feels unstable the machine will give you an error code. It cannot be submersed in water. To clean it you must use a clean damp cloth because if you get moisture inside it will ruin the scale. You also must not use it near moisture or excessive heat so you should really plan on where you are going to use it. Other than that though, this kitchen item is a real gem. Im so excited to have been able to review it and to have it in my kitchen. I am going to be using it on a daily basis from now on.

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