Monday, August 31, 2015

Gymboree's BIG LABOR DAY SALE Starts now!

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Gymboree is the premiere place to shop for your child's clothing needs. Shop this Labor Day weekend to save big on the fashions you want for your little one's unique look.
They have 100's of new arrivals starting at just $12!
Check out their awesome Halloween Shop or their Mix and Match specials starting at $9.99!


Gazelle wants your old iPhone so you can upgrade to the new ones!

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Make way for the new Apple iPhones by trading in your old iPhone to Gazelle! Apple's next-generation phones are expected to be unveiled next week and have faster processing, more RAM, and integrate the Force Touch technology found in the Apple Watch and some MacBook models.

So out with the old, in with the new, as they say! Trade-in your old iPhone at Gazelle — they'll even pay you cash for it! 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bocco Squeezable Travel Bottles Review

I received these travel bottles in exchange for my review. All opinions stated in this blog and in my video are my own.

When I travel, I like bringing my own necessities. No offense to the hotels and motels around the country but the tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion are just not enough for me. I have long thick hair and those little sample size bottles of shampoo are not enough. It is just much easier for me to pack my own stuff.

Problem with my old bottles was the lids. They were flip caps but every time I took them on vacation, I would open my suitcase to a shampooey mess. Even storing them in a Ziploc bag still made a mess when they opened and they opened every time. These bottles, while also having a flip cap, LOCK so I know they aren't going to open in transit and make a mess. They also are soft silicone so I can squeeze most of the contents of the bottles out which creates less waste. They come in different colors so I can color code my products and know what they are just by looking at them.

These bottles are TSA approved so you can take them on airplanes. They are BPA free and are made of food grade silicone. So, you can pack snacks in them or drinks instead of skincare products if you want and take them on road trips for the kids. I really like these bottles both for the non leak caps and for the soft squeezable silicone bottles that let me get more out of my bottles.
You can find these little beauties on Amazon at 

Check out my video review too!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 Has Back To School Jewelry Looks

Back To School Jewelry Looks

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Heading back to school is always exciting and maybe even a little nerve racking. You've got a backpack full of new supplies, some great new clothes and a chance to start fresh. Now's the time to stand out from the crowd.
Whether you're going back to high school or hitting the college campus, one way to really make an impact and show off your seriously unique style is accessories that will turn heads and make your classmates envious.
Get that extra boost of confidence when you wear modern, cool, edgy accessories like ear cuffs, ear jackets, hand sheaths and unique statement rings. Visible Interest is a top destination to get the newest jewelry pieces by indie designers who share a passion for the uniquely fresh and modern and who believe in the charm of individuality. Visible Interest has something for every hip chick – sleek and modern options in gold, silver, or mixed metal looks.
Check out Visible Interest's back to school collection and get 15 percent off your purchase with the code: Back2School through September 19th, 2015.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sometimes little things can remind of of the old days

I received these jawbreakers in exchange for a review. All opinions written here are my own.

I had a good friend pass away this month. He was only 3 years older than I am, and I have so many fond memories of him from my last year of high school. You know, school dances, picnics, and of course the grand fiesta that is Prom. His passing made me long for some of the things that were such a part of my growing up. Getting older just hits you over the head like a sledgehammer, you know? I mean one day you are in school getting ready for graduation, then you are married, then you have kids and then all of a sudden, the kids are grown, you are a grandma and people you have known for years are dying.

Funny thing is even though you get heavier, and your hair gets grayer, and you develop aches and pains, you really do not feel any different on the inside. You still feel like you are 18 years old and invincible. I still want to play jacks, or jump rope like I did as a kid. The spirit is willing but as they say, the body is weak. But there are things I do that remind me of the good old days of my youth. I listen to my music which is now playing in commercials and in elevators! I look through my old photo albums and remember the old days and old friends, and I on occasion have some type of candy from my past. I have had Fizzies, Wax Lips, Abba Zabba, and of course Double Bubble Bubblegum in the last few years and each was a trip down memory lane.

This week I was lucky enough to sample some jawbreakers from Candy Buffet. If you are older like me, you know exactly what I am talking about. The ones that are layer upon layer of color and flavor and get smaller and smaller until you can finally crunch it and finish it off. We used to get them in the candy store. They were sold in these big glass jars and I think we might have paid 15 cents or a quarter for one. They were great because they lasted for days getting our hands sticky and our tongues painted in different colors with each new color revealed.

These jawbreakers from Candy Buffet are just like what I remember. The only difference is that they come on a lollipop stick that saves you from the sticky fingers. They start off in a shrink wrapped bright blue color which changes as you get through the 7 different flavored layers. I saw white, yellow, orange, red, and blue again. I think there was white twice if I recall. They are large at first and then shrink down smaller and smaller until you get to that final crunching satisfaction at the end. Truly a delicious trip down memory lane, at least for me. I love that they are on a stick, and I love that it is not something that can be consumed quickly. These have to be savored slowly to enjoy each layer as it is revealed.

They do not contain nuts or any nut products nor are they produced in a factory that used nuts or nut products so they are safe for people that have allergies. I do not know the sugar content so I am not so sure about diabetics but I am pretty certain these would not be good for them. I am not a person that craves chocolate, I like non chocolate candy so for me these are perfect. I just finished one today after 4 days of intense licking and I couldn't wait to come brag on them. If you are interested in purchasing them, they are available on Amazon as well as other candy treats from Candy Buffet. You can find them at this link

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Awesome Giveaway for some silicone molds! Come check it out NOW....

I received these 3 silicone molds free in exchange for an honest review and giveaway. All opinions stated here are my own.

These silicone molds are flexible, and very easy to clean. They will last you a long time and you can use them for many different things. I have a bunch of polymer clay that I cannot wait to mold with these! You can use them for candy molds, ice molds, crafting, making jello or even freezing juice. I think freezing some juice in these molds and then putting them into a punch bowl would be a great conversation starter.

You get three different molds in the set. The green one has lego type bricks. The blue one has medium sized robot type figures and the red one has one large robot and 5 smaller robots for a lot of fun. You can own a set of these FREE by entering the giveaway below. Look at my video first to see all the molds and then enter the contest. Doesn't cost a thing to enter and at the end you might just own a set of these for your own.

If you don't win and you still want a set or three, you can find them on Amazon at this link

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Top Ten Costume Themes of 2015

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With Halloween right around the corner now is a great time to get head start on buying your costume. BuyCostumes just released their top 10 costume themes of 2015 and to sweeten the pot, they're offering for 3 days only, 25% off + $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping! Check out the below top 10 costume themes and don't forget to use coupon code BCSUMMER at checkout. This offer is valid from August 14th through August 16th, so don’t miss your chance to shop today!

Top 10 Costume Themes for 2015

Disney Descendants Costumes

Inside Out Costumes

Minions Costumes

Jurassic World Costumes

The Nightmare Collection - Exclusive for BuyCostumes

Disney Cinderella Costumes

Disney Frozen Costumes 

Superhero Costumes

Avengers Costumes

Star Wars Costumes

Browse the full selection of all of the hottest costumes for the entire family at!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lets get this football season started right!

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Huddle your friends together and kick-off football season in style with PartyPail! From football-themed plates, napkins, and cups to fun football table centerpieces, lanterns, invites, and more -- you'll find all the football party supplies you'll need at PartyPail. And for those team-specific fans, PartyPail even has NFL party supplies that sport the colors and logos of your favorite team! So huddle up some friends, throw some food on the grill, and get ready for a winning season!

Here's some football flair from PartyPail that are sure to get cheers:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Halloween is coming up fast so think about those costumes

I received the derby hat in this post for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated here are my own.

I know this is only mid August but the stores are already putting out their Christmas stuff! Yes it is true because I have witnessed it in a few stores already. I refuse to browse those cute little ornament and stocking aisles until after Thanksgiving. It is just a particular pet peeve of mine.

But that brings me to the topic of my blog which is Halloween costumes. Pretty soon all the Halloween warehouses are going to open up with their premade outfits that they sell for high prices to people that don't care what they spend. I mean you can spend upwards of $50 for a decent costume and in some cases more like $100. When I was a kid back in the 60's there were maybe 5 or 6 pre made costumes, made of plastic that we tied around our clothes and a plastic face mask held together with a rubber band. If you were lucky the rubber band didn't crack the plastic of the mask and make it fall off. But beyond that, they were so hot that by about three blocks you had them pushed up on the top of your head.

Not much to choose from and of course cheap and plastic. They would last maybe 1 Halloween but we really didn't care. Back then it was all about the candy the candy and the candy! But those of us that wanted to be different created our own costumes. I remember being a hobo, an indian princess, a football player ( I stole my older brother's football uniform), even a painter using painter pants and an empty paint bucket. We used our imaginations to create that one night persona and we loved doing it.

When my kids were little, I did the same thing. We would go to Goodwill and buy things to create their costumes and then go to the Halloween stores to buy little touches like an eyepatch for my son's pirate costume, or fairy wings for my daughter's fairy costume. We did occasionally bite the bullet and buy a whole costume but by and large we were creative. Which brings me to my next topic.

This derby hat that I got off Amazon is perfect for halloween. You can dress it up with a suit and be a ganster or a gangster's moll. You can add sunglasses and a skinny tie and be a hipster. You can go as Charlie Chaplin with a cane, a bow tie, white shirt and pants. It is cute and it is versatile. All you need to do is add your imagination to the mix to make the perfect costume.
Black Derby Hat    I had some real fun playing around and modeling it for the camera. I have to get a bow tie and wear a white shirt for when the kids come to trick or treat. Yes, my kids are grown and gone but I still dress up every year for Halloween. It just helps me to release my inner child once in a while.

 I really think you should go check this hat out on Amazon and have a little fun this Halloween!
Booooooooooo :)

Back To School Safety NightOwl Giveaway

This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.
Nothing is more precious than your family, your home, your business and your peace of mind. And having a security system provides that peace of mind. Night Owl's brand new High-Definition video security and surveillance system gives you clearer HD images and video that greatly enhance the recognition of intricate details such as license plate numbers and distinct facial features. Night Owl also fits in with your mobile lifestyle allowing you to remotely monitor your home or business with its exclusive and free Night Owl HD app for IOS and Android devices. Night Owl can AHD can also be integrated with existing systems to provide an upgrade that is cost effective and delivers image quality beyond out-dated analog system.
Enter to win a Night Owl AHD7-441 4 Channel Smart HD Video Security System with 1 TB HDD and 4 x 720p HD Cameras! Hurry, contest ends 8/21/15!

Friday, August 7, 2015

You light up my walk way and keep me safe at night tooooooo

I received this super bright solar powered motion sensor light complimentary for my unbiased review. All opinions stated here are my own

I live in a very rural area called Pioneer California. It is small, only 5,000 people and it isn't even a town, only a designated census area, whatever that is supposed to mean. I love living here among the trees and all the wildlife in the county. It is peaceful and it is very very quiet, but it is also dark. We have no street lights on our street and out back our driveway can be completely black at night. We have this bridge like walkway we have to cross to get to our back deck and door. 

We  have a disabled woman living with us and when we all go out together, we have to make sure she gets out of the car into her mobility scooter safely. It becomes a balancing act with holding a flashlight, and trying to put the scooter together so she can get out of the car. Tripping over a unseen rock or stepping into a hole can also be a problem when you cannot see in front of you. 

The solar powered motion detection light made by Ankway has solved this dilemma nicely. It is solar powered so I don't have to pay for electricity to run it, and it is super bright. It has 25 very bright LED lights with a  200 lumen output. In other words it really lights up the path. It has a dim switch so it stays dimmer when there is no motion and then lights up bright when something comes up to the bridge. It not only lights up our path but will keep unwanted critters off the bridge and our porch for extra security.
You can see just how bright it is in my demonstration video. I really love having this light outside especially when I come home at night. Everything is lit up so nicely now and I don't have to worry about tripping or hurting myself in the dark. You can purchase this solar motion detection light on Amazon at  SAVE 15% NOW USING THE COUPON CODE  2W7EYRO6

Thursday, August 6, 2015

ModCloth's first ever namesake label inspired by you! Check out their newest line of fabulous clothing.

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Introducing ModCloth, the online shop's first-ever namesake label, inspired by you! To create this line of versatile tops, bottoms, cardigans, coats, and of course, beautiful dresses, the folks at ModCloth looked to your feedback to determine all the must-have details (say hello to pockets and luxe linings!), pored over popular trends on Style Gallery, and did three times the typical amount of fittings to ensure a fabulous, consistent fit. Shop the gorgeous looks now!

Landing Page:

Speedier Delivery :: Free Express Shipping on $150+

Here is just a sampling of what you can find on ModCloth today. All styles and all sizes for all types of women. Go check them out today!
    Biking Through Brussels Dress

 Piece and Client Dress in Chevron

Amazon Rankings and their importance, and other reviewing stuff

I am just putting this out there for those of you new to reviewing or those just wanting to know about Amazon ranking and how to lower your numbers.
Your ranking number says a lot about you as a reviewer. The lower your ranking number the more sellers wish to work with you and the more often you will be approved for things you apply for on review sites. When you get below 10,000 you become part of the Top Reviewers on Amazon and when you get below 500 you become a Top 500 Reviewer, then Top 100 etc. It takes a lot of work and determination to get there so you really have to work at it. As you can see I am in the top 3800 as of right now, but my goal is to ultimately get into the top 500 and then top 100.

What helps your ranking? First of all quality reviews is a must! You need to talk to the potential buyers as if you were talking to a good friend. Be honest in your reviews and point out both good and bad ( if any) about the product you are reviewing. Talk about how it feels, how it fits, how it performs, and generally what you feel about it. A one or two sentence review is NOT a quality review. You should have at least one or two paragraphs but don't go on too long or be too technical. You want your review to be voted helpful because that also helps your ranking. The more helpful you are to other buyers, the better your amazon ranking will become and the more sought after you will be.

Another good way to help your ranking and to be considered helpful is to show the item being used. I cannot stress enough how much video and photo's will improve your status on Amazon. Video can be daunting because you have to put yourself out there. Trust me, I was nervous as hell the first few times I did video and sometimes did retake after retake because I wanted it perfect. Now, not so much lol. If you are not comfortable about putting your face on the video, then don't unless it is something that goes on you like a beauty product or a piece of clothing. Lots of times I can video without showing myself, and just talking on the camera while I am showing off the item.
Of course there are quite a few where I put myself on the video or photos also because I just have to. As you go along the video will be easier and easier to do. I do suggest that you get a tripod. I just ordered one today myself. The steadier the camera the better the video will come out. Again, don't make it too long or too short, a 3 to 5 minute video is long enough to get the point across and not bore your viewers. Many reviewers require you to video or photograph their products for them so it is good to get used to working that camera. Again you want all those helpful votes to lower your ranking and although photos do help do that, videos seem to drop your rankings a lot faster.

Do as many reviews as you can. This means opting for those that you may not be enthused to review. When I first started, I did a lot of supplements, vitamin C serums, and cell phone screen protectors. They were not the most sexy things to review but they improved my rankings and they added to the reviews that I had done.
It didn't take long before I started getting kitchen items, clothing, electronics and toys, the more fun things to review. I stress again to be honest in your reviews. You cannot honestly review something if you do not try it. Don't make fake reviews because you can lose your Amazon account by faking reviews. How can someone that hasn't even opened their product give an  honest review? I cannot stress enough how important it is to be honest.

Lastly make sure you have Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is $99 a year and it more than pays for itself in its free shipping. There are other advantages too like Prime Instant Video, Prime Music which I absolutely love, and Prime Pantry. You also get special lightning deals and other perks. 

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

That link will get you a 30 day free trial with a valid credit card. After the 30 days is up they will charge you the $99 yearly fee but as I said the perks are worth it. Also many sites will not allow you to review without Amazon Prime. A few will but you will be required to pay the shipping costs. Prime is so worth the money,

So, I think I have given you a pretty good foundation on what your numbers are about and how to make the most of them. The lower your ranking the better the products you get to review and the more sellers will come to YOU! I get 4 or 5 a day now and I can pick and choose what I want to review. I have friends in the lower numbers who get more along the lines of 25 a day. Hope this little blog post helps you out and of course if you have any questions please comment below or look me up on Facebook and shoot me a message.Rottie

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nothing to me says style like lace and gloves

I received these fingerless black half lace gloves for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated here and in my video are my own.

I love watching old movies. There is just something so glamorous in watching Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Joan Crawford, or Bette Davis strut across the screen. The clothing they wore, the purses, and hats and of course gloves just made them even more elegant. I have always loved gloves. I remember my mother having several pairs in her drawer, just simple white or black cotton ones that went to her wrists, that she wore for formal occasions. I used to get in trouble for taking them out and playing with them. I would get into her jewelry box and put on her rhinestones and then put on her gloves and strut around like I was queen of the world.

Then I got older and I was too cool for those old things. Sadly she passed when I was 29 and I still didn't appreciate those old gloves and they were either donated to a thrift shop or tossed in the trash. Now of course I could kick myself for not keeping them for myself! I just think they are an elegant tie to an era that we no longer have. But....the wonderful thing about fashion is that it reinvents itself every few decades and old things become hot and brand new again.

I was asked to review a pair of half lace gloves and I jumped at the chance. These are not the simple wrist length cotton ones that mom and those of her generation wore. These are fingerless and stretch all the way up the arm to practically the shoulder, but they still embody the elegance of wearing gloves. They are a simple cotton for the bottom half before turning into a nice lace with a beautiful pattern. The lace really makes these gloves stand out and they will make any woman who wears them feel sophisticated. I am so happy to see these on a come back and I hope to see more ladies wearing them. Gloves just seem to dress up the occasion. They are great for formal occasions like weddings, dinners, and of course prom time. I have a video review of these gloves below and I hope you can see just how beautiful these are. You can purchase them on Amazon at  at only $9.95 a pair. They come in half lace, all lace, and all beige.