Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Don't Be Left In The Dark!

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From light poles for parking lots to old-fashioned red Exit signs, enter Warehouse-Lighting and see the huge amount of commercial light fixtures available for a great many applications, indoors and out. They stock the highest quality lighting products on the market so that they can provide you with the solutions you need for your illumination needs.
Need to light up a tennis court, baseball field, or football stadium? They have high-quality sports lights and lighters made to illuminate wide areas of outdoor space made with heat-resistant and impact-resistant tempered glass, and they are available in customized styles. Commercial flood lights, construction lights, grow lights, sign lights, stairway lighting, cloud or puff lighting fixtures, bed lights and more are possible with their great selection of options. Find all of the commercial light fixtures you need to handle your space with ease!
Visit warehouse-lighting.com

Monday, November 28, 2016

Masterpiece Adult Coloring Book Magical Winter Holidays

I received this coloring book at no cost for this review. All opinions are my own and I only recommend things that I enjoy and think others will enjoy as well.

This coloring book by Masterpiece is called Magical Winter Holidays. Each illustration is beautifully detailed and the quality of the paper is excellent. I like that the paper is nice and thick, so it will hold up to a variety of media. I will say that I would not recommend using watercolor paints on it as I believe the water will soak through the paper. It does work well with gel pens but I do put a sheet of paper under the drawing just in case. I think you can use crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, even sharpie markers and it will work well.
Right now this beautiful coloring book is on sale at only $5.99! This would make a great stocking stuffer for someone that loves the holidays. It says "adult" coloring book but I think older kids would enjoy it as well. It would be a great thing to keep around for those rainy I don't know what to do with myself days. You can get it on amazon.com at Masterpiece Coloring Book

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Friday Savings??? Yes please!!

For Black Friday this year, Cents of Style will have 5 of our best selling items of the year at their lowest prices! All items will be 40% off & FREE SHIPPING w/ the coupon code BACKINBLACK16. This deal will last all weekend, from 11/25-11/28/16.


Black Friday-1

Here are the 5 items that will be on sale and some specifics about each item.

1- Annabelle Cardigan- The Annabelle will be $17.97 & FREE SHIPPING with the Black Friday code. It comes in sizes small-3xl and 18 color choices! This is one of our most popular items of the year, and if you look at it, you can see why. So many ways to wear this stunning cardigan.

Black Friday-1

Black Friday-1

2- Dempsey Beanie- $10.77 & FREE SHIPPING on one of the most popular beanie trends of the year. It comes in 16 different colors. Keep your head warm and still be fashionable. With so many colors at this price it makes sense to pick a few up. Makes a GREAT holiday gift too.

Black Friday-1

Black Friday-1

3- Brayden Blanket Scarf- $12.57 & FREE SHIPPING w/ the Black Friday coupon code. This classic pattern and in the blanket scarf is a must have this Holiday Season.

Black Friday-1

Black Friday-1

4- Cassie Herringbone Coat- $25.77 & FREE SHIPPING w/ the Black Friday coupon code. A must have at a killer price.

Black Friday-1

5- Moccasin Bootie Boot- $19.77 & FREE SHIPPING. Two color options and boots for under $20 shipped- an unheard of deal. At this price you can afford to get both colors. Comfortable and stylish boots to wear with all your outfits this winter.

Black Friday-1

Happy Thanksgiving from Cents of Style. And Happy Black Fashion Friday!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Be Kind To Your Retail Workers....Please!

The holiday shopping craze is fast approaching. Already the radio, television, internet, and newspapers are brimming with all the great sales that are going to save us vast amounts of cash if we hurry.
Black Friday, the biggest retail shopping day of the year and the start of the holiday madness will be here in two days. Actually not even that as some stores will start their sales tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, to give you a jump on all the great bargains that they are offering.

This translates into crowds, shortages, and long lines at the checkout for shoppers. I know its hard to be patient when you are in a long line and tempers can flare, but please try to be civil. I as a retail worker will do my best to make your shopping experience a good one. Even though my feet are killing me, and I am off the clock in 3 minutes, I will run across the store into the warehouse to see if that extra gold placemat that you need for your table is in stock. Then I will smile and offer to order it online for you when it isn't.

All those things you pick up to buy and then put down any place you feel like it when you change your mind.... those are not returned to their proper place by magic. I and countless others like me, fill shopping carts with things called "go backs" and we return them to their assigned shelf or bin for you. We constantly refill emptied shelves and racks with products so you will not go without what you came for. We refold the shirts and sweaters that are arranged on tables when you open them to look at them and then dump them back on top of the heap.

I love retail and I love working with the public. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping to select an outfit or a gift for one of my customers. No matter how tired I am or how badly my feet are aching, my smile is genuine. When I am at the checkout doing the register, I am the first one to feel your displeasure at having to wait in line. When we are out of stock, I am the one that hears about it. My apologies may seem trite, but I do empathize with you and I am truly sorry that you didn't get the Barbie, or the Hatchimal, or the designer jeans you came in to purchase. 

At the end of my shift I am worn out. I literally limp to my car to head home. When you are dissatisfied with the store and I bear the brunt of it, I take it home with me. Your words spoken out of anger, are taken to heart. I honestly have cried over incidents at work.. So knowing how busy this season is going to be, I ask you to please practice patience. Try to keep the spirit of the season in your heart and show me a little compassion. Working retail is rough but we who do it love to be with the public. Show us a little love back.

Got A Book Lover on Your Holiday List?

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Give The Gift of Good Books This Holiday Season!!


The Book of the Month Club will give the readers on your list a gift that will keep giving for months. It is a fantastic way to show someone that you care about them.

 Why give the gift of BOTM?

Books have always made great gifts. But how do you know if you've matched the right book to the right person? With a Book of the Month gift subscription, the gift recipient will get to choose the books that are right for them—every month. Whether you give a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription,this gift of literary goodness lasts well beyond the holidays

3-Month Gift Membership: $44.97
6-Month Gift Membership: $83.94
12-Month Gift Membership: $143.88

I love reading a good book and a great book leaves me sad that its over. When it is a story that I am engrossed in, I am almost disappointed when I get to that final page and know there isn't any more to come. I have my favorite authors, but I am always on the lookout for something new and exciting to expand my horizons. Books are so much better than movies because with a good book, I can use my imagination to visualize the characters in my way. I can teleport to where ever the story takes me and it feels like I am actually there with the hero or heroine. That is why I love this Book of the Month Club idea for gifting. For those of us that are bookworms and love getting cozy with a good read, this is the perfect gift!

Like Saving 30% on Clothing?

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How About Adding FREE SHIPPING? Got your attention yet?? Keep reading....

ModCloth is making spirits bright with their HUGE Cyber Monday sale. Right now, everything (that’s right, EVERYTHING) is 30% off! Use code CYBER16 to score your holiday party dress, winter-worthy coat, and gifts for every person and personality on your list. And bonus: all domestic orders get free Savvy Saver shipping, too. Hurry and shop while it lasts!

I went over to check out their site as I often do and found a few things to share. I love Modcloth because I am a bigger gal and I can always find something cute that fits me. They have regular sizes and plus sizes to fit everyone on your list. They also have ornaments, and all the decor to brighten up your home. At 30% off its a great day to shop at Modcloth.
Click the link below to get started

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Today's 2 for Tuesday's Deal from Cents of Style

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2-For-Tuesday deal is 2 of our popular state necklaces for $20 & FREE SHIPPING! This is our lowest price and you can choose from either our classic state outline style or our new bar style. Add your two choices to your cart and then use code STATEGIFT and you will get both for $20 and FREE SHIPPING.

These state necklaces are stunning and will make wonderful gifts for the discerning people on your list this year.

IMAGE: Holiday State Necklace Gifts

Monday, November 21, 2016

Everyone Needs a Little Touch of Dazzle in Their Lives!


The holidays are fast approaching. Black Friday shopping is only a few days away and all the bargain hunters will be out looking for those super buys. You don't have to do that with A Touch of Dazzle. You can get beautiful pieces of jewelry and never leave your house. Just click on the handy buy button below and start your shopping. A Touch of Dazzle provides beautiful jewelry that expresses precious moments of happiness for Moms, daughters, friends, and everyone in between. Find all of their amazing products using the button below. My Readers save 15% by using code: KARMAS15 Make sure and take advantage of these substantial savings quick because the sale will not last long. Make someone's day a little brighter with their own Touch of Dazzle!


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Need To Stretch Those Dollars? Here's A Little Tip...

This is a sponsored post, however all views and opinions stated are entirely my own.

With the economy the way it is these days, it is more important than ever to be able to stretch our money from week to week. One of the biggest ways to save money is to clip coupons. I am sure most of us are already aware of this and comb the newspaper and coupon sites to clip those savings advantages every week. But there is another great way to enjoy the things you want and need every day without all the hassle of searching for the best bargain. 

It is called Groupon Coupons! I am sure you already know what Groupon is as its been around for a long time. But did you know they also team up with stores and offer coupons? It is a great way to save on the things you want every day and get a head on your holiday shopping without breaking the bank. There are so many different stores that you can shop from in your own area. Great savings and close by? Yes please!

One of the places I love to shop at is Lane Bryant and Groupon Coupons makes it easy for me to find that perfect look for any occasion for less money. I can buy my dress, a scarf, gloves, and a hat and still have money left over for that perfect necklace to make my outfit pop! I am a bigger girl so sometimes is it hard to find the look I like in my size but Lane Bryant makes it easy and Groupon makes it affordable. Sounds like a win win situation for me.

Got a techie on your holiday list this year? Try going to Goupon Coupon and looking up Verizon Wireless for all the newest phones and accessories. I have had Verizon service for over fifteen years and I have never had a problem with them. They always have the best customer service and there are so many stores around to make it easy to shop. Best of all Groupon Coupon can help me save that all important cash so I know I am getting the best deal I can.
 Here are a few of my favorite places to shop. The beauty is you can shop by store name or just browse and see what jumps out at you. You can also use the coupons online or in the store.

LL Bean
Dominos Pizza
Victoria's Secret

There just are so many different places to shop at. The possibilities are limitless. Remember, it's  Groupon Coupons

 And on Twitter



Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bold & Full Wednesday, 11/9/16 Vote for your favorites!

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The top 12 designs for our Design the Good Contest are here! It's time to decide who will win the competition! These t-shirts were designed by women, for women. They are moms, sisters, daughters, and business owners, with empowering messages meant to strengthen and support other women. In addition to supporting each other, each vote to get to this point meant money donated to charity. In this second year of the contest, we saw more than 3,500 votes! The time has come to narrow down the finalist list and pick a final winner....It's time to vote with your $$. In addition to picking your favorite, you will be giving more good with your purchase. 10% of each sale will be donated to the charity of the choice of the winning designer. You can click through to see each designer's story and support the one you absolutely love! The designer of the tee with the most purchases wins $1,000 (plus royalties on the year's sales) and the winner's choice of charity will receive the whole of the donations. It's a big deal - please vote and encourage your communities to participate with us.
Design the Good Contest Finalists!

The code is DTG1 and it will make each tee $16.95 + FREE SHIPPING in the cart. The code is valid November 9th through November 16th. Remember, each purchase for a specific finalist tee is a vote for that tee! Check out the Winners Here!

Huge CLEARANCE Special $7 jewelry pieces! Don't miss it!

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7charmingsisters sale 

    All clearance jewelry pieces are just $7 right now. This amazing sale will not last long! These stunning pieces will make excellent holiday gifts. Check it out TODAY because they just might not be there tomorrow. 

Here are a few samples of what is available right now.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rotties Reductions: Hell To Lose But So Easy To Gain! WHY???

Rotties Reductions: Hell To Lose But So Easy To Gain! WHY???: I had set goals and kind of fell into a rut. I mean I had a job, and yes I did say HAD but I'll get into that in a bit. I was active 5 d...

Friday, November 4, 2016

What are YOU thankful for?

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated by you making a purchase clicking through my links. I received this Thankful T-Shirt in exchange for providing this review. All opinions are strictly my own.

Thankful is a powerful word.  "Definition of thankful. : glad that something has happened or not happened, that something or someone exists, etc. : of, relating to, or expressing thanks" November brings the holiday of Thanksgiving and many people express during the dinner, what they are thankful for. So, what are you thankful for this year?

I am thankful for family first and foremost. I have a son who is struggling with addiction and I don't see him often, but I am thankful that he is alive and trying to get his life together. I am in his debt for giving me a grandson, whom I love with all my heart. I also have two beautiful and loving daughters that have grown up to be strong independent woman. My sister, who has always been there for me when I needed her. An older brother who I am so very connected to and can share anything with. One more brother who I am thankful is still with us this year. He  had a heart issue a few months ago and actually flatlined in the hospital. Now he has a pacemaker and is doing great. The doctors and nurses in that hospital that saved him will always have my gratitude.

I recently started a new job which will help pay some bills that I racked up while being unemployed. My head has a place to rest it called home. Food is always on the table and I have not known hunger like so many in this world have. So there are many things I am thankful and grateful for this year.

Cents of Style wants to celebrate all the things we are thankful and grateful for this year. They have developed this beautiful t-shirt with the words thankful grateful and blessed emblazed across the front. It comes in either a maroon color with gold writing, or the one I am wearing in the photo which is white with brown writing. The shirt is extremely comfortable and would be nice to wear after the big meal relaxing in front of the tv watching football. It is a classic design that can be worn with jeans and boots or dressed up a little with a blazer and heels.
Fashion Friday Story, 11/4/16

NEW Thankful. Grateful. Blessed. Graphic T-Shirt
The code is THANKFUL1 and it will make each t-shirt FREE with any $25 purchase, + FREE SHIPPING! Anything on our site is free game - any purchase that totals $25 qualifies for the free t-shirt. Here are steps for purchase:
1- Find products you love (jewelry, clothes, shoes, whatever you have to have) and add it to your cart.
2- When the cart totals $25, add the Thankful Grateful Blessed shirt from our Fashion Friday page to the cart.
3- Hit Checkout.
4- Put the code THANKFUL1 in the "Gift Card or Discount Code" Box to make your t-shirt FREE!
  Fashion Friday Story - 11/4/16 - FREE Thankful T-Shirt with any $25 purchase w/code THANKFUL1


Our story for this t-shirt comes from Courtney and her feelings on being thankful:

I’m going to admit to you one of my biggest character flaws. Perhaps, even my fatal flaw. This flaw goes hand-in-hand with some of my biggest strengths, as often flaws do.

I expect a lot of my self and others. I hold myself to high standards, which propels me to work towards excellence, but I also expect the same of those around me and when others don’t live up to my high expectations, I get annoyed. I get frustrated. I get mad. I then have a tendency to fume. To rail. To express my frustration verbally to whomever is around me. There it is -- my character flaw.

However, I know this is a flaw. It is unprofessional, unbecoming, and can prevent me from achieving the goals and connections with others I am working towards. So, how can I work against this flaw? How can I work on being more understanding? Kinder? And have less, let's be honest, tantrums?

I have found that the antidote for my fatal flaw is gratitude.

I was recently listening to one of my favorite podcast series, Chase Jarvis Live, and Chase was interviewing Lewis Howes. They were talking about how anger and gratitude cannot exist in the same place, at the same time. It is next to impossible.

This was an epiphany to me. This was an answer to my blaringly obvious character flaw. Show Gratitude. Express Thanks. Acknowledge Blessings.

So, I have taken ACTION on this. And implemented the following three step plan to help me improve and become a better version of myself.

Step 1- Daily Acknowledgement of Blessings.

Each morning, John and I have committed to expressing three things we are grateful for to each other. This is so we can start our day from a place of gratitude. Acknowledging the good things we have, even on the hardest of days.

It’s simple. It doesn’t take long, but it does have an incredible impact. It allows me to start my day from a positive, thankful place.

Step 2- Express Thanks.

I am working on truly expressing my appreciation and thanks for the people in my life and the wonderful things they do for me. NOT just saying THANK YOU, but really taking the time to tell them how they impact me and why their actions mean so much.

My commitment is to find three times during the day to express that thanks to another. Big or Small. Bank teller or child. I know that expression of thanksgiving will help me be more positive, but it will also uplift another and have a ripple affect far beyond myself.

Step 3- Stop. And Be Grateful.

When I find myself in a place where I am annoyed or frustrated with another and I am prepared to rant. I am working on first acknowledging that moment and then thinking of three things I am thankful for in that moment to counteract my annoyance, frustration, or anger.

This simple act stops the frustration in its place. You cannot be angry and grateful at the same time. Try it. It doesn’t work. The gratitude will take over and the anger will leave.

I believe if I can cultivate these three things on a daily basis, I will be a happier person. I will live in a state of gratitude and be less likely to get frustrated with others. Instead, I will be able to see the good in them and understand, that they are doing the best they can. And maybe I will be able to be a little kinder with myself and realize, that I too, am doing the best I can.

So, when I put on my “grateful, thankful, blessed” t-shirt from Cents of Style. It is a tangible reminder of how I am working on being a better version of myself.

Show the world how grateful, thakful and blessed you are by getting one of these FREE T-Shirts but do it quick. This offer will not last.   Fashion Friday Story - 11/4/16 - FREE Thankful T-Shirt with any $25 purchase w/code THANKFUL1

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New Clothing Line from Crazy 8 inspired by KIDZ BOP!

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Crazy 8 Sale On Now!
The looks were designed by Crazy 8, inspired by the unique style personalities of each of the KIDZ BOP Kids — Matt, Grant, Sela and Ashlynn. Crazy 8 offers on-trend, age-appropriate looks that kids love to wear at prices that parents feel great about. Everyday, millions of kids and families welcome KIDZ BOP music into their homes and cars, making KIDZ BOP a fun and safe part of their daily lives! Additionally, Crazy8 will be offering Free Shipping tomorrow Nov 3 ONLY!

About Crazy 8
Make a style statement with new + now looks that kids love. Bonus: always get a good deal. Play with prints. Pop some color. Dress your way. Mix + remix—these styles are up for anything. All kids and most adults have enjoyed the music of KIDZBOP over the years and now you can dress your kids in the exciting style of their favorite KIDZBOP performers at a great price. These clothes are only availabe at Crazy 8 so go check them out. Holidays are coming and these are sure to be big hits under the tree.Shop Today


Bold & Full Wednesday, 11/2/16 Don't miss this.......

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated for any purchases made through my links.

Cents of Style's Bold and Full Wednesday Promotion is a must see event! These will make for great gifts for any occasion!

NEW Delicious Food Tees
The code is FOOD1 and it will make each tee $16.95 with FREE SHIPPING in the cart. The code is valid 11/2/16 through 11/9/16

Our story for these amazing tees comes from the Six Sisters. We just can't get enough of their recipes and their story speaks to us in all the foody ways, especially for the holidays:

We're the Six Sisters, popular cookbook authors, food bloggers & lovers of food in all forms. We're mainly all moms, or in school, and we love the ease of making great tasting food, fast & easy! We're so excited to team up with Cents of Style to create these food themed shirts-- all in our favorite, delicious sayings-- that are PERFECT for the holidays. Have an awkward Thanksgiving dinner coming up? Then you'll need 'I CAME FOR THE FOOD." to tell everyone that's why you're there. Sweet on sweets? Then eat dessert first? Watching your caloric intake this Christmas? Butter-- it's in everything! We obviously love family, and FOOD-- so if you do, too- these shirts are for you!
Take advantage of this special Wednesday sale by clicking on the link below. This is a limited time sale so act fast.
Shop Bold & Full Wednesday

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Poor Thanksgiving...the Ugly Stepchild of the Holiday Season

 Today is November 1st and Halloween is over. The costumes will be packed away or tossed and the candy will be eaten by the end of the week. All the spooky decorations taken down and stored for next year. The jack o lanterns tossed in the trash or if they are lucky, turned into pumpkin pies.

As I read my every changing Facebook timeline, I see posts about Christmas now. When can I put up my tree? Can I decorate for Christmas now? I am ready to bake Christmas cookies or go Christmas shopping. Some are even bragging that their shopping is done. Christmas movies, Christmas trees, Holiday Shopping, Holiday vacation plans...Holiday music... Holiday Holiday Holiday!

Ummm hello? There is another holiday before the "Big One"  you know! The fourth Thursday in November this year. I know its not a huge retail extravaganza like the others, but it is equally important. It actually is about family and getting together. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our lives and our families. It is about being thankful for what we have no matter how difficult our lives are the rest of the year. 

What are you thankful for this year? Me, well I have the usual standards of course. I am thankful for my health, my lovely family and extended family, the roof over my head, the food on the table and the clothes on my back. So many in this world especially in poorer countries don't have the basic necessities that we take for granted. I am also grateful that I found another job and am employed again. Not having an income for 6 weeks and having both my washer and my oven needing to be replaced created a hardship. Also thankful for the credit card I was able to max out to obtain said washer, dryer, and oven that were needed. Ok the washer wasn't broken but it was part of a stacked unit so I had to replace both.

The thing is that because other than the money spent for the meal, this holiday gets over looked. Most stores are now starting their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving. People are going out shopping and others forced to work on this holiday instead of being home with their families. I for one do not like this practice. This year, I do have to work on Thanksgiving as I now work in retail, but normally I would never shop on Thanksgiving other than the gravy or the onion that I forgot to get.

Don't let Thanksgiving be the forgotten holiday. Please, don't do Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving. Spend the time with friends and loved ones and be thankful for the things you have. If you have no one to spend the time with, volunteer at a shelter and spend time with those that have less than you do. Make someone else thankful for you being there! Donate turkeys and canned food to the local food bank so people that can't afford to buy their Thanksgiving meal can still celebrate. There is so much to give thanks for in our lives. Don't let corporate greed take that away from us.

What are you thankful for this year? Post in the comment section below.

Happy Thanksgiving early....