Friday, April 3, 2015

CushionCare Memory Foam Seat Cushion Review

***I received this cushion complimentary for my unbiased review. All opinions stated here are 100% my own

I have to admit right off the bat that I applied to review this cushion on behalf of my roomate. My roommate is 56 years old and has no cartiliage in either hip. Because of this, she cannot walk more than a few steps and is in constant pain. She gets around using her GoGo mobility scooter. About 4 months ago she began experiencing discomfort in her tailbone area. After many pleas to the doctor she was able last month to get an xray of her coccyx. It turns out that at some point in her past, she fell and broke her coccyx bone and all the sitting she has to do now has aggravated it.

 The foam seat on her GoGo is not memory foam and it is over 6 years old. It has worn out and broken and in spots she is sitting on metal which is not comfortable. When I was accepted to review the CushionCare Memory Foam Seat Cushion I was really excited. I had hoped I was getting something to review that would give her some relief and the cushion certainly lived up to my expectations. It arrived in a box in two pieces. One piece is the actual cushion and the second is a pretty blue cover that goes over it. I immediately unzipped the cover and inserted the cushion. I will admit I did struggle a bit trying to get the cushion in. The zipper area on the cover could be a bit longer because you really have to stuff it in and I did tear the stitches on the far end. It wasn't a huge deal breaker in the long run but it was a slight problem.

After we got it in the cover we put it on her scooter's seat and she sat on it. She gave it about an hour and then came to tell me that it was a big relief. She said the pain she has been experiencing all day long was gone. There was no pinching or soreness whatsoever. She also said she felt that her hips were in a better alignment with her spine and she could sit up better in her chair. This morning she came up to me and hugged with almost with tears in her eyes. She is so happy with her new memory foam cushion. She actually said it has improved her quality of life.  This is what I wanted to hear!

This is a wonderful cushion, its soft and very comfortable and being memory foam it doesn't lose its shape. I think anyone with back trouble or wanting to avoid future back trouble should get this cushion. It would be great for long car rides or if you have a job where you have to sit at a desk for a good part of the day. You can get this cushion on Amazon at


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