Friday, December 30, 2016

Making Music has never been easier!

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Guitar Center

The place where you can find almost anything for your guitar strumming needs! Fantastic prices and a wide selection of guitars and guitar accessories.Guitar Center hrs? Try 24hrs online people. Just click on what you want and add it to your cart. You don't even have to leave your living room or get dressed. 

Don't let the name Guitar Center fool you either. They have drums, mixers, mics, keyboards and just about everything you need to rock the house. All you Jimi Hendrix wannabees this is the place for you! 

Getting into the mix with Numark N4

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Start having more options in your digital mixing with N4 from Numark

The Numark N4 is the latest in DJ software control technology. The N4 features four decks of software control, plus a built-in mixer that can be used with or without a computer. This complete DJ controller has everything you need for peak performance including large, touch-sensitive platters, four decks of software control that have loop and effects operation, a built-in USB audio interface and a comprehensive mixer with both EQ and gain controls for each channel. The N4 also includes a copy of both Serato DJ Intro and a 4-deck version of Virtual DJ LE so you can get the most out of the controllers multiple mixing options.

For more information on this killer DJ mixer check it out here numark n4

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Who is ready to swing into 2017?

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W hat better way to ring in 2017 than with the Remi Swing Dress?

The Remi Swing dress from Cents of Style is one of the most versatile dresses I have ever worn! It is very comfortable and you can dress it up or down any way you want to. Add a belt, a nice hat, and your favorite pair of boots to make it your own look. Or wear a nice statement necklace, some heels and a blingy bracelet for an entirely different outfit.
Remi Long Sleeve Swing Dress in a rainbow of colors, and sizes S - 3X
The code is BESTWEEK4 and it makes each dress $21.95 + FREE SHIPPING in the cart. The code is valid NOW through 1/1/17.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Would you like some Regal Advice today?

* I received this necklace at no cost for this review. All endorsements and opinions are entirely my own. I only recommend things I think my readers will enjoy**

7charmingsisters sale
I have to say that I love this jewelry company! The styles they have are gorgeous and every piece is very well made. The elegant pearl necklace is everything the name implies and more! It has a very elegant and victorian look to it. I have some vintage faux pearl earrings that I inherited and I think they will pair well with this statement necklace.
My little gift to myself arrived in a lovely black box. When I opened it, my eyes were greeted with a pretty piece of purple tissue paper covering the shimmering faux pearl and fan design. I was amazed at how much sparkle there is in those little rhinestones embedded into the fan pendant at the base.
The design is quite simple yet breathtaking. It is four strands of faux pearls on each side of a lovely inverted fan shaped pendant. The fan has a sapphire blue stone at the top surrounded by tiny rhinestones. It then expands out in layers of gold colored metal with larger rhinestones embedded inside the layers. The way it catches the light is quite lovely. I think it will enhance any outfit I choose to wear whether in the office or out at a dinner party.

Even the clasp is sturdy and well made. This is one necklace that is not going to fall off when I am out having a good time. I have had that happen before and believe me, its not fun having to go hunt everywhere for your jewelry. It is just an impressive piece all the way around and I love it. The chain is also adjustable so you can wear it longer or shorter and customize the look you want to achieve.
7 Charming Sisters has so many beautiful pieces of jewelry to choose from right now. They have necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. The thing is that they have tons of different styles too from just simple designs to very trendy bold statement necklaces. They really have something for everyone.
Right now they are having a HUGE clearance sale and many of their pieces are on sale for only $7 each and FREE SHIPPING! You really have to check out their website! 7 Charming Sisters

Monday, December 19, 2016

Need a little stress relief? Look no further

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Elimidrol for Mood Enhancement & Anxiety Relief

Scientifically formulated with a precise balance of high quality ingredients, Elimidrol boosts your mood and relieves intermittent anxiety, restlessness, and irritability. Elimidrol is the future of life enhancing supplements. Life can be difficult to navigate when anxiety and unconstructive moods take the wheel; Elimidrol is there to help you regain control, so you can make every moment count.

What is Elimidrol?
Elimidrol is a scientifically formulated support supplement engineered to positively impact your daily life and help battle everyday stresses. Elimidrol promotes positive mood, comfort, calmness, and overall well-being, and provides a sense of mental and physical balance. Produced with high quality life enhancing ingredients, Elimidrol can be used daily or for occasional support.
Why Elimidrol?
Elimidrol knows what counts. Life can be hectic, and too often intermittent anxiety, low mood, and restlessness become overwhelming and can cause you to lose sight of what is important. Designed to go beyond just a mood enhancement product, Elimidrol is there to give you the support you can count on to make the most of your day.
The one of a kind combination of key ingredients, herbs, amino acids, minerals, and supporting nutrients were carefully chosen for their life enhancing qualities, and blended into a formula with the power to combat bouts of anxiety and improve overall mood.  The dosage of these high quality ingredients are precisely calculated to ensure safety and efficacy, so you can enjoy your day and focus on what matters most to you. Elimidrol is there to help you make every moment, of every day the best it can possibly be.
Is Elimidrol for you?
Elimidrol is designed to work for you.  The powerful ingredients are formulated into a powder, rather than a tablet or capsule, offering the flexibility to control your dosage, day to day. Available in Daytime and Nighttime formulas, Elimidrol is there when you need it most.
The Elimidrol Daytime Formula is engineered to keep you in a positive mood and relieve anxiety to give you the support you need to meet your day’s potential.
The Elimidrol Nighttime Formula offers similar benefits, but with an emphasis on relaxation and restful sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and eager to tackle your day.
The Elimidrol Daytime and Elimidrol Nighttime formulas can be used together for day & night support.
Try Elimidrol today.
Elimidrol is an advanced mood enhancement and anxiety relief supplement that provides the mental and physical balance you deserve. Your moments in life are important—don’t settle for anything less than a product that guarantees satisfaction. Elimidrol stands behind the product with a Money Back Guarantee, because what truly matters is that the product works for YOU.

Elimidrol knows what counts - Every Moment of Every Day.

Click here for more information about Elimidrol!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Fashion Friday Deal!

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'Tis the season, and we've got your last minute holiday gifts all wrapped up! With brand new wraps that are perfect for gift giving, you aren't going to want to miss this deal! $5 scarves are ideal for teachers and friends and these plaid wraps are on our list for gifts....and for holiday travel (we'll take one in every color, thank you very much). All orders placed before 5 PM Mountain Time on Friday, 12/16 will ship in time for Christmas!

Fashion Friday

Wraps & Scarves
The code is SCARFGIFT2 and it will take 50% Off the lowest marked price, with FREE SHIPPING in the cart. We're so excited about this deal that we are opening it up early!! The code is valid starting Thursday, December 15th and runs through Sunday, December 18th  All orders placed by 5 PM Mountain Time on Friday, 12/16 will ship in time for Christmas. 

 Fashion Friday - 12/16/16 - Wraps & Scarves 50% Off (Starting under $5!) w/code SCARFGIFT2

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2 pairs of gloves for the price of one!

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Gloves. Everybody needs gloves. They are the perfect stocking stuffer, a great gift for your bestie, a go-to teacher's gift or thoughtful addition for your mother-in-law. Essentially, you can't miss this week's 2-for-Tuesday's 2 gifts for less than the price of one! These are stylish, warm, functional, and we have a style that will fit everyone on your list. And...we won't tell if you keep the second pair. We wouldn't blame you!
  2-for-Tuesday - 12/13/16 - Mittens & Gloves! 2 for $12.95 + FREE SHIPPING w/code 2FORGLOVES

In addition to the glove deal today, our Style Steals deal on sweaters has been extended through tonight at midnight MST. You have loved it and we are so appreciative that we wanted to give you a little more time to snag one (or another one)!

**Also, please note that our warehouse elves are ramped up and ready for all those holiday orders.  All orders placed before Friday at 5 PM MST will ship in time for Christmas.

2-for-Tuesday, 12/13/16

Mittens & Gloves
  2-for-Tuesday - 12/13/16 - Mittens & Gloves! 2 for $12.95 + FREE SHIPPING w/code 2FORGLOVES

Monday, December 12, 2016

Baby Its Cold Outside!

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Cents of Style has you covered this winter.
Sweaters! We. Are. Freezing. Sweaters are pretty much the only thing we are wearing at this point...and we have a few favorite styles. We're sharing our go-to's and must haves for Style Steals on Monday. They are soft, comfy, warm, and oh-so-stylish. You're going to want to share these for gifts...and snag one for yourself as well!

Style Steals, 12/12/16

The code is SWEATERGIFT and it will take $10 off the lowest marked price in the cart, with FREE SHIPPING. Sweaters will start under $20, and everything will be under $30!
  Style Steals - 12/12/16 - Sweaters! Starting under $20 - ALL under $30! + FREE SHIPPING w/code SWEATERGIFT

Hint: This one is under $20!

This is a great time to stock up on your winter essentials....the sweaters. We all love them, they are versatile and they look great. Don't forget Style Steals - 12/12/16 - Sweaters! Starting under $20 - ALL under $30! + FREE SHIPPING w/code SWEATERGIFT
Visit Cents of Style today!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Do you need A Touch of Dazzle in your life?

*** I received this necklace at no cost for my review. All opinions expressed are my own. I only recommend items I feel are worthy to my readers.***

A Touch of Dazzle is located on the internet at A Touch of Dazzle . They specialize in unique jewelry for moms, daughters, sisters, aunts and everyone else. The necklace I received is the Floating Memory Locket and I chose the Christmas design to celebrate the Season with.

The necklace is very well made and heavy. The locket has real glass, not plastic and opens magnetically so it is easy to place your pieces inside and secure them. The Christmas design has a circular silver metal insert engraved with a Christmas tree and the words Joy To The World on it. The floating charms are 2 red and 1 green glass "ornaments" ( I dropped one of the red when I was trying to place it on my bed so I have one of each), a tiny red elf slipper, a holly sprig, and a white and silver bell. All are nicely made and not tinny.

The chain is a long silver toned piece that has a small Touch of Dazzle logo piece near the clasp. It too is sturdy and will hold up well when I am at work. I was amazed and pleased at the amount of detailing in each of the little charms. It is going to look great with my different Christmas outfits.

The neat thing is I can make and add my own charms over the year to change it up. I can cut circular photos and replace the Joy To The World wording and add my own tiny charms and beads. I will be able to use it at any time of the year and it will fit right in.

As I said in the beginning you can find them at  follow them on twitter at @touchofdazzle or facebook at

Why does feeling happy amaze me?

I have been experiencing a very unique feeling lately. I am happy! I know, for many people, feeling happy is an everyday occurrence. It should be I suppose. Its the holiday season, or as I call it the Christmas Season, and there is Christmas music everywhere, people filled with goodwill, and chilly air with fireplaces and cookies. Who wouldn't be happy right?

Well for a group of individuals, the holiday season is sad and downright depressing! Many don't do will with the shorter days and much colder, wet nights. All the hustle and bustle of shopping is a reminder for some that they don't have the means to go on a buying frenzy. Many are estranged from family or have moved far away and can't afford the trip home. The holidays can be brutally difficult for a portion of our population!

Ok, now that I have pointed all that out, back to me. I usually am in that portion of humanity that is mopey during December. Yours truly has been known to spout more than once that I wish I could fast forward through to the beginning of January. I get a bit crotchey and bah humbuggy by this time of the year.

Not this year! I was lying in bed the other night and came to the realization that I am at peace this time. This was a rather startling epithany if I must be honest. I can usually come up with something I am not happy with, but not at the present time. My life seems to have righted itself out and everything is pointed in the right direction.

I have a new job and a reoccurring source of income. That in itself is a major uplifter for me. I have come to the conclusion that I tie my self worth in with the need to contribute monetarily to our household. If I am not employed, I am a drag on our limited funds, but when I am bringing in the moola then I am not a free loader.

Now, this job started out as seasonal and it is retail! If you have never worked retail, you have no clue how difficult it is. I mean in the beginning I was running myself ragged trying to be the one that everyone knew they could depend on. Because of my people pleasing, never say no demeanor, I was all over the place. This actually led to me being talked to by my boss for not completing my tasks because I was too busy helping in other departments.

Last week, I had an opportunity dropped in my lap by accident. I was asked by the manager to help a district manager in the footwear department. As I was working on my task, I was approached and questioned by the head district manager. I must have given him the answer he was looking for because he hired me permanently on the spot for the footwear department. I now not only have my position sealed as a permanent employee, I have my own department to run! You just never know where an opportunity is going to present itself!

So, I have gainful employment, am in my own department, I can enlist the help of other employees to my department, and I report to the manager and district managers only. I am elated at the turn of events. No more worrying about paying off that huge credit card bill I racked up while being unemployed. The repo man won't get the car I just bought before getting fired from my other job.
I have money to spend on Christmas gifts AND I get to see my family for the first time in 2 years. My health is fairly good and I have a roof over my head that I own.

So lying in bed, I stretched out my toes in bliss and realized I am at peace at this time in my life. It is a unique feeling for me not to have a single worry, but I think I can get used to it. Moral of my story is to keep believing in yourself and that things will get better. There is always a light at the end of any tunnel, and if you need help reach out. Don't think you are a burden because you are not. So many people attempt suicide at this time of year because they feel hopeless. Please please I beg of you, find someone to talk to and hang in there. You are valued, you are loved and most of all you are needed.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday
I wish everyone a safe and loving holiday season. Hug your kids, parents, or grandparents. Check in on your elderly neighbors and make sure they are alright. Talk to ANYONE if you feel you are worthless because you aren't! Learn to love yourself and learn to be happy.

Stuck on gift ideas? Look no further.....

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ModCloth’s ensuring stress-free holiday celebrations with shipping offers guaranteed to please!

  • For US delivery by 12/24, you can get free Ground shipping on $100+ orders from 12/12 through 12/16. Free ASAP shipping on $200+ orders from 12/19 through 12/21.
  • For US delivery by 12/31, get free Express shipping on $150+ orders from 12/26 through 12/28.
  • Need it shipped internationally by 12/31? Get free USPS International Priority shipping on $150+ orders from 12/12 through 12/16!
Visit for the full list of dates, deadlines, and delivery methods Luxe Looks for All Of Your Holiday Parties At ModCloth Flash Sale: 40% Off ModStylist Party Picks 24 hours only! No code required. (Starts 12/9)
25% Off ALL Sweaters with Code BBITSCOLD at ModCloth (Starts: 12/10)
25% Off ALL Shoes with Code SHOELALA at ModCloth (Starts: 12/11)
FREE Express Shipping on $150+ Domestic Orders at ModCloth. No code required. (Starts: 12/12)
25% Off All $100+ Orders with Code FIGGYPUDDING at ModCloth (Starts: 12/13)
Flash Sale: 40% Off Select Seasonal Faves 24 hours only! No code required. (Starts: 12/15)
Willamette for the Weekend Scarf in Forest

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Don't Be Left In The Dark!

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Do you have lighting problems that you need solved? Tired of paying high prices at brick and mortar lighting stores? You should try commercial lighting fixtures from
From light poles for parking lots to old-fashioned red Exit signs, enter Warehouse-Lighting and see the huge amount of commercial light fixtures available for a great many applications, indoors and out. They stock the highest quality lighting products on the market so that they can provide you with the solutions you need for your illumination needs.
Need to light up a tennis court, baseball field, or football stadium? They have high-quality sports lights and lighters made to illuminate wide areas of outdoor space made with heat-resistant and impact-resistant tempered glass, and they are available in customized styles. Commercial flood lights, construction lights, grow lights, sign lights, stairway lighting, cloud or puff lighting fixtures, bed lights and more are possible with their great selection of options. Find all of the commercial light fixtures you need to handle your space with ease!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Masterpiece Adult Coloring Book Magical Winter Holidays

I received this coloring book at no cost for this review. All opinions are my own and I only recommend things that I enjoy and think others will enjoy as well.

This coloring book by Masterpiece is called Magical Winter Holidays. Each illustration is beautifully detailed and the quality of the paper is excellent. I like that the paper is nice and thick, so it will hold up to a variety of media. I will say that I would not recommend using watercolor paints on it as I believe the water will soak through the paper. It does work well with gel pens but I do put a sheet of paper under the drawing just in case. I think you can use crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, even sharpie markers and it will work well.
Right now this beautiful coloring book is on sale at only $5.99! This would make a great stocking stuffer for someone that loves the holidays. It says "adult" coloring book but I think older kids would enjoy it as well. It would be a great thing to keep around for those rainy I don't know what to do with myself days. You can get it on at Masterpiece Coloring Book

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Friday Savings??? Yes please!!

For Black Friday this year, Cents of Style will have 5 of our best selling items of the year at their lowest prices! All items will be 40% off & FREE SHIPPING w/ the coupon code BACKINBLACK16. This deal will last all weekend, from 11/25-11/28/16.


Black Friday-1

Here are the 5 items that will be on sale and some specifics about each item.

1- Annabelle Cardigan- The Annabelle will be $17.97 & FREE SHIPPING with the Black Friday code. It comes in sizes small-3xl and 18 color choices! This is one of our most popular items of the year, and if you look at it, you can see why. So many ways to wear this stunning cardigan.

Black Friday-1

Black Friday-1

2- Dempsey Beanie- $10.77 & FREE SHIPPING on one of the most popular beanie trends of the year. It comes in 16 different colors. Keep your head warm and still be fashionable. With so many colors at this price it makes sense to pick a few up. Makes a GREAT holiday gift too.

Black Friday-1

Black Friday-1

3- Brayden Blanket Scarf- $12.57 & FREE SHIPPING w/ the Black Friday coupon code. This classic pattern and in the blanket scarf is a must have this Holiday Season.

Black Friday-1

Black Friday-1

4- Cassie Herringbone Coat- $25.77 & FREE SHIPPING w/ the Black Friday coupon code. A must have at a killer price.

Black Friday-1

5- Moccasin Bootie Boot- $19.77 & FREE SHIPPING. Two color options and boots for under $20 shipped- an unheard of deal. At this price you can afford to get both colors. Comfortable and stylish boots to wear with all your outfits this winter.

Black Friday-1

Happy Thanksgiving from Cents of Style. And Happy Black Fashion Friday!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Be Kind To Your Retail Workers....Please!

The holiday shopping craze is fast approaching. Already the radio, television, internet, and newspapers are brimming with all the great sales that are going to save us vast amounts of cash if we hurry.
Black Friday, the biggest retail shopping day of the year and the start of the holiday madness will be here in two days. Actually not even that as some stores will start their sales tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, to give you a jump on all the great bargains that they are offering.

This translates into crowds, shortages, and long lines at the checkout for shoppers. I know its hard to be patient when you are in a long line and tempers can flare, but please try to be civil. I as a retail worker will do my best to make your shopping experience a good one. Even though my feet are killing me, and I am off the clock in 3 minutes, I will run across the store into the warehouse to see if that extra gold placemat that you need for your table is in stock. Then I will smile and offer to order it online for you when it isn't.

All those things you pick up to buy and then put down any place you feel like it when you change your mind.... those are not returned to their proper place by magic. I and countless others like me, fill shopping carts with things called "go backs" and we return them to their assigned shelf or bin for you. We constantly refill emptied shelves and racks with products so you will not go without what you came for. We refold the shirts and sweaters that are arranged on tables when you open them to look at them and then dump them back on top of the heap.

I love retail and I love working with the public. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping to select an outfit or a gift for one of my customers. No matter how tired I am or how badly my feet are aching, my smile is genuine. When I am at the checkout doing the register, I am the first one to feel your displeasure at having to wait in line. When we are out of stock, I am the one that hears about it. My apologies may seem trite, but I do empathize with you and I am truly sorry that you didn't get the Barbie, or the Hatchimal, or the designer jeans you came in to purchase. 

At the end of my shift I am worn out. I literally limp to my car to head home. When you are dissatisfied with the store and I bear the brunt of it, I take it home with me. Your words spoken out of anger, are taken to heart. I honestly have cried over incidents at work.. So knowing how busy this season is going to be, I ask you to please practice patience. Try to keep the spirit of the season in your heart and show me a little compassion. Working retail is rough but we who do it love to be with the public. Show us a little love back.

Got A Book Lover on Your Holiday List?

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Give The Gift of Good Books This Holiday Season!!


The Book of the Month Club will give the readers on your list a gift that will keep giving for months. It is a fantastic way to show someone that you care about them.

 Why give the gift of BOTM?

Books have always made great gifts. But how do you know if you've matched the right book to the right person? With a Book of the Month gift subscription, the gift recipient will get to choose the books that are right for them—every month. Whether you give a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription,this gift of literary goodness lasts well beyond the holidays

3-Month Gift Membership: $44.97
6-Month Gift Membership: $83.94
12-Month Gift Membership: $143.88

I love reading a good book and a great book leaves me sad that its over. When it is a story that I am engrossed in, I am almost disappointed when I get to that final page and know there isn't any more to come. I have my favorite authors, but I am always on the lookout for something new and exciting to expand my horizons. Books are so much better than movies because with a good book, I can use my imagination to visualize the characters in my way. I can teleport to where ever the story takes me and it feels like I am actually there with the hero or heroine. That is why I love this Book of the Month Club idea for gifting. For those of us that are bookworms and love getting cozy with a good read, this is the perfect gift!

Like Saving 30% on Clothing?

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How About Adding FREE SHIPPING? Got your attention yet?? Keep reading....

ModCloth is making spirits bright with their HUGE Cyber Monday sale. Right now, everything (that’s right, EVERYTHING) is 30% off! Use code CYBER16 to score your holiday party dress, winter-worthy coat, and gifts for every person and personality on your list. And bonus: all domestic orders get free Savvy Saver shipping, too. Hurry and shop while it lasts!

I went over to check out their site as I often do and found a few things to share. I love Modcloth because I am a bigger gal and I can always find something cute that fits me. They have regular sizes and plus sizes to fit everyone on your list. They also have ornaments, and all the decor to brighten up your home. At 30% off its a great day to shop at Modcloth.
Click the link below to get started

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Today's 2 for Tuesday's Deal from Cents of Style

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2-For-Tuesday deal is 2 of our popular state necklaces for $20 & FREE SHIPPING! This is our lowest price and you can choose from either our classic state outline style or our new bar style. Add your two choices to your cart and then use code STATEGIFT and you will get both for $20 and FREE SHIPPING.

These state necklaces are stunning and will make wonderful gifts for the discerning people on your list this year.

IMAGE: Holiday State Necklace Gifts

Monday, November 21, 2016

Everyone Needs a Little Touch of Dazzle in Their Lives!


The holidays are fast approaching. Black Friday shopping is only a few days away and all the bargain hunters will be out looking for those super buys. You don't have to do that with A Touch of Dazzle. You can get beautiful pieces of jewelry and never leave your house. Just click on the handy buy button below and start your shopping. A Touch of Dazzle provides beautiful jewelry that expresses precious moments of happiness for Moms, daughters, friends, and everyone in between. Find all of their amazing products using the button below. My Readers save 15% by using code: KARMAS15 Make sure and take advantage of these substantial savings quick because the sale will not last long. Make someone's day a little brighter with their own Touch of Dazzle!