Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Make MONEY and get FREE items with Your Blog

Why do we blog? For a lot of people, blogging is a way to get their feelings out. It can be therapeutic to simply let it all out using written words rather than speaking. Some people get tongue tied when they talk, so writing helps them to express themselves in a way that speaking can't. I happen to be one of those that waxes poetic when I type and can't form three sentences together when I have to talk about what I am feeling.
Others of us, myself again included, use our blogs to inform consumers about products. We receive items either free or at a reduced price to sample. We form our opinions about the merchandise and we let others know what we think. In exchange for our review we receive something we hopefully can use or give away. We do not sell these items because that would be unethical, but we can keep a present closet for when the need arises to gift something.

Product reviews can be fun. I enjoy trying new things out and spreading the good, or not so good around the internet. I feel in my own small way, I am contributing to how companies market products and my voice can inform them about what is good and what isn't so good about their brand. Some of these companies will even pay you when your blog is big enough, to promote their merchandise and you can make some decent profit from your written word. I am not where near that yet but I hope to in the future.

 Lastly there is advertisement revenue. The blog can be used by companies to advertise new products, sales, or any other promotion. This can be lucrative if utilized correctly which means promote promote promote. Merchants will email you with their campaign and you pick and choose what you want to put on your blog. There is or at least with me there has been no pressure to place an ad, but the more you do, the more chances you have to make a commission. I deal with a site called Share A Sale who has many many merchants that use them. Once you join the Share A Sale site you can get into programs that will pay you to post for them, pay you to place a banner for them, pay you a commission for sales generated from your blog, and pay to recruit other blog owners to advertise for them. If you do it correctly it can be quite lucrative. I have blogger friends who make upwards of $1500 a month by doing this

 Being an older unemployed woman, I am working toward the goal of making my blog earn me money. It will take time and a lot of effort. I was told by a couple of bloggers to expect it to take about 7 months to really take off, and I am in month 2 right now. Honestly though, I have all the time in the world so its not hard to wait. I am going to share some of the links for product reviewing and share a sale with you here. I do not receive anything from the product review sites for recruiting you, but I will be honest and tell you that the Share A Sale ones will pay me something. I hope you will click on some of the links not only to generate a lead payment for me, but to gain some income for yourself.

 Tomoson:  is a huge product reviewer site. Most items are FREE to review but some do charge a small fee usually $1 or less. I will warn you not to be discouraged because there are a lot of product review bloggers and you will not get every item you apply for. In fact I get maybe 1 out of every 10 that I try for. You are more apt in the beginning to get things like supplements and beauty items than you are to get the blue tooth speakers or chef knives but they WILL come in time
 Give Away : This is another product review site. This one mainly has discounted items for review and most are not free. I usually pick items that are $1 but they have items that are discounted but still somewhat costly. They have some of the bigger ticket items to review but it will cost you some money.                                                                                                                                                                   Amazon Review Trader: This is my second favorite after Tomoson. Again, most of these cost you a bit of money usually $1 but all they ask for is an Amazon Review. I have gotten essential oils from there and a few other cheapie items.

Now for Share A Sale   This is the middle man between the merchants looking for advertisers and the blogger affiliates that serve them. All payments are made directly from the Sale A Share site and you get paid by either check or direct deposit into your bank. All payments are sent out on the 20th of each month and you must earn a minimum of $50 to qualify for payment. I know that sounds daunting but in reality it isn't. The paid posts are a minimum of $5 and some can be as high as $50. Banner placements on your blog usually pay $10 and of course the commissions range from 7% of the sale to 35% depending. I would concentrate on the paid posts and banner placements more than the commissions unless you are a really good seller. Once you get into affiliate programs you can also do recruiting. Some pay .50 a recruitment, some pay 1 or 2 dollars and some have programs during the year that pay $15 a recruit so again it can be lucrative. I would recommend these programs to start with on Share A Sale because they have paid me money in the past.

These are a few of the money makers for me, and if you click and join, they can be money makers for you too. So if you want to get started reviewing products or needed new leads, I hope these help you. All of us bloggers have to help each other to be as productive and successful as possible.   




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