Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Curve Headphones from Sentey Review

I received these headphones complimentary for my unbiased review. All opinions stated here are my own

I love music and movies. I love them loud with lots of stereophonic sound too. Consequently I love headphones that give me the sound quality that I am looking for. These Curve headphones do not disappoint.
First off they are extremely lightweight so they are comfortable to wear. The leatherette ear pads fit very nicely over my ears and they block out exterior noise when I am listening to my music.

The sound quality is amazingly good. When I was watching a movie on them, it was almost like being in the theater itself. They are listed on Amazon as a child's headphones but I am a full grown adult and they fit me just fine. I played around with stretching them out and they seem to be flexible enough to fit just about everyone's head. There is a button on the cord that allows you to stop and start the play incase you are interrupted or if you use them with a smart phone ( which I do not own) you can stop the sound, answer the phone and then resume the sound all with a click or two of the button.

I really like these headphones and I think anyone that relishes quality sound and comfort will like them too.
You can see my full video review on YouTube .
You can buy these headphones on Amazon at this link . While you are there search out all the quality Sentey products that they have for sale.

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