Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Lovin for Fido or Freda too......

I received these travel dog bowls at a heavily reduced price for my honest review. All opinions stated here and in my slide show are entirely my own.

Summer is coming fast and so is the heat. Kids are out of school and vacation plans are being made. Summer is for outdoors right? I mean you think of summer and images of camping, hiking, beaches, lakes, fishing, walking, and just enjoying nature come to mind. Most of us that have pets think of them as family members and want them to get the most out of the outdoors as well. Some use sunscreen on their white dogs, we all take our leashes and make sure our pets have their tags, shots, and flea meds before we go. But what about food and water? How do you take that along with you? Do you lug their bowls from home? Those bowls can be bulky and take up a lot of room in the car or in the backpack. The answer is right here...

I tested these out in my backyard with my neighbors' dogs and they really seemed to enjoy them. Ok, I will be honest, they most likely loved the treats in the bowls and the cold water but lets just say they loved the bowls. Who cares anyway? I LOVE THE BOWLS lol. They come in a set of three and they store flat when you are not using them, so they take up almost no room. They are easy to open, just push and they pop up and are ready to use. They are made of sturdy silicone so I believe they will last a while as long as your dog doesn't decide to chew them up. RIGHT NOW 20% off their bowls until stock runs out. Use code Claim Code: 5E34UO9I

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