Monday, June 8, 2015

La Lunes All Natural Lemon Essential Oil is a great product to use

I received this Lemon Essential Oil complimentary for my honest evaluation. All opinions stated in the review are 100% my own.

I have used several of Lalune's products and all of them have been exceptional in their quality. This lemon essential is as well made as any of their other things. I love that it is 100% natural pure lemon oil and of course that it is made here in America. It has a very fresh lemony smell and when I used it in my diffuser my bedroom seemed more refreshing and rejuvenating when I walked in.
There are so many things you can do with essential oils and lemon is good for making natural cleaners for the kitchen and bathroom.I used

5 oz. distilled water                                                                                                                     
5 oz. white vinegar
1 tsp. baking soda
20 drops Lalune's Lemon Essential Oil
Combine the water and vinegar in a large mixing bowl, then add the baking soda a little at a time so it dosen't fizz up and lastly add the drops of lemon essential oil.  Then just pour the mix into a spray bottle and you are ready to clean! I use it in the kitchen on my stove, counters, and the refrigerator. In the bathroom I use it on everything, even the mirrors because it works so well and leaves everything with a clean citrus smell.

And that is only 1 thing you can do with it. You can use it in soaps, candles, lotions, mix a bit with a capful of coconut oil for a bath, its so versatile! You can get this essential oil on Amazon if you follow this link   I really love using essential oils and this is a nice one to get started with if you haven't used them before. You can find other Lalune's products on their website

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