Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nothing more refreshing than ice tea on a hot day!

I received this sample of Comfort Tea by Culinary Teas at a greatly reduced price for my honest review. All opinions stated in this blog are entirely my own.

Its HOT and it has been hot for 4 days in a row! I'm talking 98 degree stinky sweaty sticky dirty hot. When you have no air conditioning and have to rely on fans, being hot can make you downright moody. Ok lets be real here.... this kind of hot makes me bitchy! I can't sleep, I don't want to eat, and I cannot get comfortable even after a cold shower! I do not like it when it is hot!

Today I got a sample of Comfort Tea made by Culinary Tea's to review. Last thing I want to do on a stinky hot day is brew hot tea to drink. I love tea, don't get me wrong but to me tea is a cosy up on a cold day drink. But being the diligent reviewer that I am, I ponied up to the tea kettle and boiled my water. I opened the package and the floral scent hit my nose immediately. It has a very delicate aroma and very pleasant. My mood lifted a little because it really does smell nice.

Then I stopped to look at the leaves as I measured them into my tea infuser. There are so many different colors like orange, and yellow and green and purple. It reminded me of dried flowers and I started to get excited to taste it. But grrrrr it is so hot in this house and I do not want hot tea! I poured the boiling water into my cup and added my tea infuser when it hit me! Why not get some ice and pour the hot tea over it and make iced tea? Well as you can see in the photos that is exactly what I did!

This tea is so light and delicate that it made an excellent iced tea! It has a slightly flowery taste that goes well with the aroma and it isn't the least bit bitter. I really am enjoying it. I'm sipping it right now as I write this review. Of course the ice melted within a minute or two but I still feel refreshed and more calm. This is an excellent tea that I am sure will be just as comforting when it is a cold rainy day or I am having a hard day and want to pamper myself. You can purchase this tea  at and if you use the code TEAGIFT they will give you free shipping on your first order. Check out all their lovely teas at www,

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