Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FACES Beautiful Brush on Liquid Mineral Make Up Works Great!

I received this make up for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated here and in the video are completely my own.

I love liquid make up because it hides the flaws in my face and it makes my skin tone even. I have tried all kinds of different ones along with mineral powders. The thing with liquid makeup is I usually use my finger to blend it into my skin and it can cause a real mess. My fingers get all stained and if I touch the sink or the wall I have an even bigger mess.
This Faces Beautiful liquid makeup is different because it has a brush attached to the tube. You put the brush in the on position and squeeze the tube. The makeup comes through the center of the brush and you use the brush to apply  the makeup to your face. There is no mess because  your fingers never touch the makeup. The brush made it easier to apply and it seemed to smooth out much faster. I love that I could get much closer to my lower lashes using the brush than I could when I used my fingers. The makeup itself is very light and non greasy. The color I used is called Healthy Nude and it seemed to blend well with my skin tone. I am very fair skinned thanks to my Irish ancestors so sometimes I have a hard time finding a foundation to look right on my skin. This one at first I thought was too dark, but when I looked at it in the bathroom mirror, it was blended perfectly with my skintone and looked great.

I love how this makeup evened out my skin tone and hid my freckles and age spots. I am going to a wedding in a week and I now have a great new product in my makeup bag. It may not turn back the clock but it will definitely make me feel younger and prettier. You can get this liquid brush on makeup at http://www.facesbeautiful.com/liquid-mineral-makeup-p/facesbeautiful-brush-on-lig.htm  It comes in Radiant Beige, Healthy Nude, and Sun Glow.

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