Thursday, March 19, 2015

Beautease Argan Oil Review is now live. Great stuff I love it.

I received this product at a reduced price for my unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own.

I love this stuff! Thats pretty much straight to the point isn't it? I have extremely long hair, I'm talking down my back with some of it touching the top of my rear end. I haven't had hair this long since I was a little girl. I also have damaged hair, because well, I dye it alot. I know in these photo's I have gray but that is because I am between dyes right now. I usually color my  hair about every 2 months and yes that gray does crop up quickly.

So, I was asked to try this Argan oil hair care to see how I like it. When I was going to the salon to get my hair colored and cut, they always put some argan oil in my hair as they were blow drying it. I even bought a bottle so that I could have it here in the house in between salon visits. Well two things have happened, the first is that line of hair care products was no longer carried by my salon and then my income level changed and I was no longer able to afford $150 every other month to spend on color, highlights and a cut.

In the last 2 years I have not cut my hair, I have colored using dye that I get at Walgreens and I have not had any argan oil. I have noticed the dye really damages your hair. I use conditioner and sometimes even a deep conditioner and the ends still feel really dry and my ends keep splitting. I put this argan oil on and I immediately notice a softness and a sheen to my hair that it was lacking before. The oil seems to absorb into my hair so it doesn't look greasy, just soft and shiney.

I was impressed with the amount of product you get for your money. Its a fairly large bottle compared to other argan oil bottles I have received. It has a nice little flip spout too that will make it easy not to pour out too much. You do have to be careful as it is oil and on the thin side so it does pour out quickly. I like to tip the bottle and get a little in the palm of my hand and then keep going until I have the amount I want to use.

Its very easy to use. I used an amount, about maybe the size of a quarter and then smoothed it over my hair. Because my hair is drier on the ends than the top, I put more of it down at the ends. Once I had it worked into my hair I combed it and styled it as usual. It only adds a minute or two to your hair routine and its mild enough that you can use it every day. I am very happy with this product and I urge you to try it if you have difficult hair. You can also use it as a moisturizer on your skin. I tried that as well and my arms and hands are very smooth with no dry spots. This is definitely a good product to have on hand.

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