Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easy Way to Make Cash and Gift Cards on the Net

Everyone needs a little extra cash right?

You know, for holiday shopping, birthdays, or just for YOU!
I found myself unemployed last year. I had owned a fairly sucessful business in the offset printing industry. People always need business cards, letterhead and envelopes so I thought I would always have the shop until I retired. I wouldn't ever have a need for cash.

 Thanks to technology and the PDF, most companies have gone paperless now and because 85% of my business was paper generated, I found myself closing shop and joining the unemployed workforce. I was ok because my hubby without the paper as I call him, collects SSI and we have another person in the house that collects state disability so we have the bills paid but there is no extra $$ for things like my crafting supplies or basically anything not necessary.

I started looking on the internet because our roommate was doing internet surveys and getting paid. She wasn't making a vast amount of money but enough that she could get little things that she felt she wanted. I found this site called Points2Shop and I started doing their surveys. Before too long I had enough points to order my first item. It wasn't much, some dollar store candy but it had me established as a genuine person and it leveled me up.
 Each level unlocks new earning potential. 

You begin at New and right away earn 250 points for signing up. Each point is equal to a penny so you get $2.50 when you begin. Surveys depend but some pay 25 points and others can pay up to 300 points so you can make some money doing them. They have a rewards center where you cash your points in for items. They work with Amazon so anything Amazon carries, you can redeem points for. They ask you to redeem one item as quickly as possible to verify your address and move you up to the Bronze level. This opens more survey opportunities and offers from different vendors. The more points you earn and the more time you spend on the site the more you move up in levels.

You can also change your earnings from points to cash and redeem them that way. This is my preferred method of payment because I can either transfer money to Paypal, direct deposit into my bank or redeem for Amazon or Target credit on my account. Once you hit the GOLD level you can also get instant withdrawals. Before that they have to manually process your requests and it can take up to a week to get your money so you really want to get up to that gold level. Now when I want to withdrawal, its usually in my paypal or amazon account within 5 minutes and in my bank the next business day.

There is a little banner on the right side of this blog and it has my username on it, it tells you right there how much I have earned over the last 1 and a half years. Now to be honest, I don't sit on the site and do surveys all day so my earnings aren't as high as some people I know on that site but for a half an hour a day its pretty impressive. I have put money in the bank, I have Christmas shopped without spending a dime, and I earned enough to buy a cheap tablet that I use to facebook and watch Netflix on. It does work, its not a scam but if you want it to work you need to put some time into it.

Be HONEST when you fill out the demographics. I cannot stress this enough. If you are not honest, it will come back to haunt you and you will lose your account. Give your real address as they do not take post office boxes and they need to verify in order for you to move up. There is no spam involved, no one comes to your house and rings your doorbell. Its for sending your rewards only. When you take the surveys again be honest. They can tell when you are lying or trying to invent things and again, you can lose your account. 

This is a great site. As you can see I have made over 400.00 on it. Not tons but enough to get a little something something for me from time to time. If you are curious, click on the banner on the side of the post, or I'll post the link down here and  you can go check it out. Give it a try. You really have nothing to lose and all the cash to gain.

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