Sunday, March 1, 2015

Even Glow Vitamin C Serum by Valentia Skin Care Review

I received this product from Valentia Skin Care Review for free in exchange for my honest opinion of their serum. The first thing that I noticed was how beautiful the box it comes in is. I know that its only a box but presentation is everything and this box makes the serum look very high end and trendy.

When I opened the box and removed the bottle I noticed it was wrapped in shrink wrap. I did have trouble getting the shrink wrap off and had to go grab a knife to cut a strip so I could remove it from the bottle. I used the eyedropper applicator and squirted some into my hand. I used an amount about equivalent to the size of a dime. I did not smell any type of scent at first but when I brought my palm up to my nose I could smell the slight aroma of oranges. It is very pleasant and not strong at all. The color of the serum itself is a pale orange so its almost like putting orange juice on your face.

I had prepped my face according to the directions before applying the serum. Basically you just have to have a freshly washed face that has been patted dry before you put the serum on. I dotted it across my forehead, around the outer eyes careful to keep it away from the eye itself, on my nose, chin, and cheeks. The remainder I put onto my neck. I went back and rubbed it into my skin and noticed that it absorbs quickly and it doesn't feel greasy. Then I just waited to see what would  happen.

Right away I noticed that the skin on my face felt much smoother. Actually I was surprised that it worked so quickly. My skin felt better and it really did have a healthy glow. After using it for a week, I have noticed that the crows feet around my eyes do not look as deep as they used to and the little neck waddle I hated doesn't seem to be as prominent as it was before I started.

I am very happy with this serum. I believe it does what it claims to do and it makes me feel better about my skin. I'm 53  years old and beginning to show my age with wrinkles. Like most women I am battling the aging process with as many weapons as I can. This is going to be a necessity in my daily facial routine.

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