Monday, October 24, 2016

What catches your eye with jewelry?

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We all enjoy certain pieces of jewelry that we own. Sometimes it's that clay or macaroni piece made by our kid. It might be a sentimental piece that our spouse brought home and gave us on a special day. Maybe it has no sentiments attached at all, but is just a piece we like to wear because it is pretty.

When I dress to go out, I love to wear nice pieces of jewelry. I happen to like more vintage pieces, but like my outfits my jewelry is of all different natures. My aunt passed away about 6 years ago now, and I inherited  her jewelry box. There was no expensive jewelry but a great collection of paste jewels and faux pearls which I love to wear with my vintage looking dresses. I also have simple cord and beaded things, more in a boho style for when I wear my long skirts and loose tops. I pretty much have a piece of jewelry for any occasion.
Jewelry, like make up, just makes me feel good about myself. Who doesn't love to get compliments about the way they look or what they are wearing?

I came across this website called 7 Charming Sisters and it has so many types of beautiful jewelry. I happen to love their Victorian line but they have so many collections to enjoy. It is one of those sites that I had to bookmark to make sure I didn't lose where it is on the internet. One of the things that really struck me about their company is that many of their handmade pieces are done by people with disabilites. Those jewelry makers earn commissions on each piece of their jewelry that sells. I am not only buying a fab piece of jewelry for my collection, I am helping someone earn a living by my purchase. It just appeals to my sense of humanity.
victorian jewelry ready to fall - fall styles
I hope you go check out their site and maybe even make a purchase. You will not only get a stunning piece of jewelry that you will be proud to own, you will be helping a disabled artist make a living.


  1. These look amazing! So beautiful thanks for sharing!

  2. I love to shop were it makes a difference. Thanks for sharing about this site.

  3. Thanks for sharing, beautiful jewelry and absolutely awesome what they do for the jewelry makers.

  4. I am not really a jewelry person, but Christmas is right around the corner so this is great to check out.

  5. I am a huge jewelry person, both real jewelry and costume jewelry, it doesn't really matter to me which one, as long as it compliments my outfit! The jewelry that can be found on this site is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the backstory on this, and knowing that by purchasing a piece I am helping somebody to support themselves! Plus right now, the website is offering a discount of 30% off!!!

  6. Wow, there are some neat pieces of jewelry on the site. I especially love the choker necklaces.