Thursday, October 13, 2016

Girls are your headlights always on under your shirt?

This is a sponsored post as I received these Fashion Gems Nipple Covers at no cost for this review. The links I use are afflilate links and I will be compensated for any purchase made through them. All opinions stated here are my own and I only recommend items I feel my readers can truly use.

Are you one of those girls whose "headlights" are always on? Annoyed at those lady lumps standing up under your tank top or spaghetti strap dress? Well, welcome to my world. My girls have lovingly called my nipples crunchberries, headlights, and other names over the years. Every time I go without my bra they just seem to pop up whether it is cold or not. Sometimes this can be downright embarrassing, but the alternative is to wear a bra under a nice thin strapped top and that ruins the whole look!

I used to use band aids because that was what my mother recommended and yeah they work but who wants to strap their nipples down? Not to mention that removing band aids can sometimes be downright painful! I am sure some of you have tried this and know exactly what I am talking about. I had seen nipple covers in CVS when I worked there, and I was curious about trying them, but I never had the cash on hand when the thought would occur to me. When I was approached to try these Fashion Gems, I jumped at the chance to put them on.

They are very comfortable. Much better than strapping anything down with fabric adhesives. They are a silicone base with sticky on the back and so simple to use. Just peel the film off the back of them, position on your boob and press gently. They stay in place well too. I wore them all day and actually forgot that I had them on. To clean them just wipe down with a moist towel and a neutral cleaner like soap and they are good to go again. They will look great under spaghetti straps, halter tops, backless dresses and tube tops so pretty much anything in your wardrobe that you would wear without a bra. You can get them on Amazon by clicking here Fashion Gems and if you have Prime you get free shipping! Go check them out and then buy a set. I guarantee you will love them.
                        This is a before photo and you can clearly see the bump on the right side there.
This is after I put on the Fashion Gems nipple covers. The bumps are all gone! I think it looks so much nicer.

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