Friday, October 21, 2016

Do You Have A Cents of Style?

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I'd like to think I have a sense of style. It may be eclectic and quirky but that is because I myself am ecletic and quirky. I mean if you listened to my Ipod collection of music or my took a look at my videos it would seem chaotic. I love big band music to opera, to disco, to classic rock and heavy metal and my movies range from film noir classics like Gaslight to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

My clothing attire follows the same perimeters. I love black and old vintage looks but I am just as comfortable in my jeans and a comfy tee or a classic business suit. I collect old earrings from the by gone years and I buy new trendy bracelets and rings from Amazon. It all depends on the mood I am in and what catches my fancy.

Today I want to talk about my long sleeve swing dress from Cents of Style. Long Sleeve Swing Dress . I absolutely love this dress! It is so versatile so I can change it up and wear it with whatever I am in the mood for that day. The material is very soft and comfortable so I feel right at home when I have it on. It can be dressed up, or down with whatever accessories are right for the day or the occasion. I can wear it to work during the day and easily switch it up for a night on the town
Simple and classic, think of the Remi Swing Dress as a blank canvas you can accessorize to fit your personal style. Dress it up, dress it down, you'll feel comfortable and look great. And with today's Fashion Friday deal, all at a steal of a price.

Look 1. Like I said, with a simple, neutral dress you can have a lot of fun with your accessories. A hat, long pendant necklace, and cute pair of open-toe ankle boots looks effortless and pulled together. And who doesn't want that?!
Look 2. Looking to go a little more casual? Throw on a vest for an extra layer and knee-high riding boots. Layering delicate necklaces is another one of our favorite trends for making a statement with jewelry.
Look 1. Go bold. With 18 different color options, you're sure to find a color (or two or three) that makes you feel radiant. Simple accessories are all that's needed when pairing a bright colored dress with a fun colored shoe. It's also a knockout date night look. 
Look 2. We couldn't possibly get through this list without pairing the swing dress with a blanket scarf at least once. With all the different ways to wear a blanket scarf, you could create countless different looks with these two items alone. Even simply throwing a beautiful patterned blanket scarf over your shoulders as a shawl can completely change your look.
Look 1. Looking to add an extra layer? Put down the cardigan and try a patterned kimono instead! Long and streamlined, it's a fun alternative that will also keep you cozy and warm. 
Look 2. For a more casual day-to-day look, tie a cozy flannel around your waist and slip on your favorite pair of flat ankle booties. You'll look good, feel good, and still be out the door in no time.
We're all incredibly unique, with individual styles and bodies. So find what works best for you -- the options and possibilities are limitless.
Here I am wearing it with a lovely gold and white necklace and earring set that I also got at Cents of Style, and a crystal watch from Amazon. I was getting ready to go to a friends baby shower so I had to be a little more conservative in my attire and the dress worked perfectly. I got many compliments from other people on it that day.

You can read more on this gorgeous swing dress  and how it fits any body style up to size 3X here
In celebration of Fashion Friday we have a special offer for you. Use the code Dress2016 and you can get the swing dress for only $21.95 plus Free Shipping! Check it out here Fashion Friday Story - Long Sleeve Swing Dress for $21.95 + FREE SHIPPING w/code DRESS2016


  1. So pretty! I love the jewelry set!

  2. I like the way you Ladies all got together and created such style.