Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My beautiful AdoramaPix photo book has arrived!

I received a complimentary AdoramaPix photo book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated here in this blog are my own. 

Family memories are priceless! It seems like minutes between the time we give birth to our children and when they are packing the car to move off into their own lives. My kids are all grown now and I am what you would call an empty nester. I have the photo albums with the sticky pages and the filmy covering to protect them in many places in my home. The problem with those is after a while the film starts to wrinkle and tear from use and the sticky on the pages just isn't as sticky as it once was. The albums start to fall apart and the precious photographs get lost or damaged. 

This photo book from AdoramaPix is a very high quality lovely addition to my photo albums. The photos are printed on a nice Luster paper and really show the images in their best light. The cover is a very thick sturdy cardstock and the pages are also sturdy so it will last a long time. The ordering part is so simple that anyone can do it.

You can choose the theme you want, and they have many many themes to choose from, and then you import your photos into the slots provided. They will automatically fill the slot in the best way possible and alert you if the photo is not the best fit for the position you have chosen so you can use another one. In the theme I chose, family, there were spaces to fill in with type if you wanted to, but I opted to delete the text and the text boxes to just show the kids and grandkids.You can also change the background if you want to different things and change and move some of the graphics to customize it to your liking.
Another nice thing about these books is you can get the photos you want to use from a variety of places. Uploading can come from your hard drive, a flash drive, or even facebook! I took most of mine from my hard drive but I did pull a few not only from my facebook, but from my children's facebook as well. This let me use photo's that I liked but didn't have in my possession. The whole ordering process took me about an hour by the time I was done, and I was very pleased with the ease of the ordering. I chose economy shipping for $5.00 and although they said it would take about 2 weeks to receive my book, I actually got it in about 1 week.

I have to go explore the rest of their site because they offer other photo gifts as well. I am thinking of doing a calendar for next year with some of my outdoor photography. Their prices are very reasonable with a 10 page 10 x10 book going for just $30 plus the $5 for shipping. These would make excellent gifts for a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, an anniversary or any time you want to share your memories with a loved one. You can see all their offerings at their website www.adoramapix.com . Right now they are running a super promotion! Between now and September 30th if you use the code pxusfam25 they will give you 25% off all square photo books, regardless of their size! This gives you plenty of time to create that perfect photo book and save some money at the same time. They offer FREE SHIPPING on any order over $39.00. If you want a quality photo gift that will last, I suggest you take a look at their website because it doesn't get much better than these people.

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