Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Be Kind To Your Retail Workers....Please!

The holiday shopping craze is fast approaching. Already the radio, television, internet, and newspapers are brimming with all the great sales that are going to save us vast amounts of cash if we hurry.
Black Friday, the biggest retail shopping day of the year and the start of the holiday madness will be here in two days. Actually not even that as some stores will start their sales tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, to give you a jump on all the great bargains that they are offering.

This translates into crowds, shortages, and long lines at the checkout for shoppers. I know its hard to be patient when you are in a long line and tempers can flare, but please try to be civil. I as a retail worker will do my best to make your shopping experience a good one. Even though my feet are killing me, and I am off the clock in 3 minutes, I will run across the store into the warehouse to see if that extra gold placemat that you need for your table is in stock. Then I will smile and offer to order it online for you when it isn't.

All those things you pick up to buy and then put down any place you feel like it when you change your mind.... those are not returned to their proper place by magic. I and countless others like me, fill shopping carts with things called "go backs" and we return them to their assigned shelf or bin for you. We constantly refill emptied shelves and racks with products so you will not go without what you came for. We refold the shirts and sweaters that are arranged on tables when you open them to look at them and then dump them back on top of the heap.

I love retail and I love working with the public. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping to select an outfit or a gift for one of my customers. No matter how tired I am or how badly my feet are aching, my smile is genuine. When I am at the checkout doing the register, I am the first one to feel your displeasure at having to wait in line. When we are out of stock, I am the one that hears about it. My apologies may seem trite, but I do empathize with you and I am truly sorry that you didn't get the Barbie, or the Hatchimal, or the designer jeans you came in to purchase. 

At the end of my shift I am worn out. I literally limp to my car to head home. When you are dissatisfied with the store and I bear the brunt of it, I take it home with me. Your words spoken out of anger, are taken to heart. I honestly have cried over incidents at work.. So knowing how busy this season is going to be, I ask you to please practice patience. Try to keep the spirit of the season in your heart and show me a little compassion. Working retail is rough but we who do it love to be with the public. Show us a little love back.

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