Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Would you like some Regal Advice today?

* I received this necklace at no cost for this review. All endorsements and opinions are entirely my own. I only recommend things I think my readers will enjoy**

7charmingsisters sale
I have to say that I love this jewelry company! The styles they have are gorgeous and every piece is very well made. The elegant pearl necklace is everything the name implies and more! It has a very elegant and victorian look to it. I have some vintage faux pearl earrings that I inherited and I think they will pair well with this statement necklace.
My little gift to myself arrived in a lovely black box. When I opened it, my eyes were greeted with a pretty piece of purple tissue paper covering the shimmering faux pearl and fan design. I was amazed at how much sparkle there is in those little rhinestones embedded into the fan pendant at the base.
The design is quite simple yet breathtaking. It is four strands of faux pearls on each side of a lovely inverted fan shaped pendant. The fan has a sapphire blue stone at the top surrounded by tiny rhinestones. It then expands out in layers of gold colored metal with larger rhinestones embedded inside the layers. The way it catches the light is quite lovely. I think it will enhance any outfit I choose to wear whether in the office or out at a dinner party.

Even the clasp is sturdy and well made. This is one necklace that is not going to fall off when I am out having a good time. I have had that happen before and believe me, its not fun having to go hunt everywhere for your jewelry. It is just an impressive piece all the way around and I love it. The chain is also adjustable so you can wear it longer or shorter and customize the look you want to achieve.
7 Charming Sisters has so many beautiful pieces of jewelry to choose from right now. They have necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. The thing is that they have tons of different styles too from just simple designs to very trendy bold statement necklaces. They really have something for everyone.
Right now they are having a HUGE clearance sale and many of their pieces are on sale for only $7 each and FREE SHIPPING! You really have to check out their website! 7 Charming Sisters

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