Friday, August 7, 2015

You light up my walk way and keep me safe at night tooooooo

I received this super bright solar powered motion sensor light complimentary for my unbiased review. All opinions stated here are my own

I live in a very rural area called Pioneer California. It is small, only 5,000 people and it isn't even a town, only a designated census area, whatever that is supposed to mean. I love living here among the trees and all the wildlife in the county. It is peaceful and it is very very quiet, but it is also dark. We have no street lights on our street and out back our driveway can be completely black at night. We have this bridge like walkway we have to cross to get to our back deck and door. 

We  have a disabled woman living with us and when we all go out together, we have to make sure she gets out of the car into her mobility scooter safely. It becomes a balancing act with holding a flashlight, and trying to put the scooter together so she can get out of the car. Tripping over a unseen rock or stepping into a hole can also be a problem when you cannot see in front of you. 

The solar powered motion detection light made by Ankway has solved this dilemma nicely. It is solar powered so I don't have to pay for electricity to run it, and it is super bright. It has 25 very bright LED lights with a  200 lumen output. In other words it really lights up the path. It has a dim switch so it stays dimmer when there is no motion and then lights up bright when something comes up to the bridge. It not only lights up our path but will keep unwanted critters off the bridge and our porch for extra security.
You can see just how bright it is in my demonstration video. I really love having this light outside especially when I come home at night. Everything is lit up so nicely now and I don't have to worry about tripping or hurting myself in the dark. You can purchase this solar motion detection light on Amazon at  SAVE 15% NOW USING THE COUPON CODE  2W7EYRO6

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