Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sometimes little things can remind of of the old days

I received these jawbreakers in exchange for a review. All opinions written here are my own.

I had a good friend pass away this month. He was only 3 years older than I am, and I have so many fond memories of him from my last year of high school. You know, school dances, picnics, and of course the grand fiesta that is Prom. His passing made me long for some of the things that were such a part of my growing up. Getting older just hits you over the head like a sledgehammer, you know? I mean one day you are in school getting ready for graduation, then you are married, then you have kids and then all of a sudden, the kids are grown, you are a grandma and people you have known for years are dying.

Funny thing is even though you get heavier, and your hair gets grayer, and you develop aches and pains, you really do not feel any different on the inside. You still feel like you are 18 years old and invincible. I still want to play jacks, or jump rope like I did as a kid. The spirit is willing but as they say, the body is weak. But there are things I do that remind me of the good old days of my youth. I listen to my music which is now playing in commercials and in elevators! I look through my old photo albums and remember the old days and old friends, and I on occasion have some type of candy from my past. I have had Fizzies, Wax Lips, Abba Zabba, and of course Double Bubble Bubblegum in the last few years and each was a trip down memory lane.

This week I was lucky enough to sample some jawbreakers from Candy Buffet. If you are older like me, you know exactly what I am talking about. The ones that are layer upon layer of color and flavor and get smaller and smaller until you can finally crunch it and finish it off. We used to get them in the candy store. They were sold in these big glass jars and I think we might have paid 15 cents or a quarter for one. They were great because they lasted for days getting our hands sticky and our tongues painted in different colors with each new color revealed.

These jawbreakers from Candy Buffet are just like what I remember. The only difference is that they come on a lollipop stick that saves you from the sticky fingers. They start off in a shrink wrapped bright blue color which changes as you get through the 7 different flavored layers. I saw white, yellow, orange, red, and blue again. I think there was white twice if I recall. They are large at first and then shrink down smaller and smaller until you get to that final crunching satisfaction at the end. Truly a delicious trip down memory lane, at least for me. I love that they are on a stick, and I love that it is not something that can be consumed quickly. These have to be savored slowly to enjoy each layer as it is revealed.

They do not contain nuts or any nut products nor are they produced in a factory that used nuts or nut products so they are safe for people that have allergies. I do not know the sugar content so I am not so sure about diabetics but I am pretty certain these would not be good for them. I am not a person that craves chocolate, I like non chocolate candy so for me these are perfect. I just finished one today after 4 days of intense licking and I couldn't wait to come brag on them. If you are interested in purchasing them, they are available on Amazon as well as other candy treats from Candy Buffet. You can find them at this link

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