Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bocco Squeezable Travel Bottles Review

I received these travel bottles in exchange for my review. All opinions stated in this blog and in my video are my own.

When I travel, I like bringing my own necessities. No offense to the hotels and motels around the country but the tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion are just not enough for me. I have long thick hair and those little sample size bottles of shampoo are not enough. It is just much easier for me to pack my own stuff.

Problem with my old bottles was the lids. They were flip caps but every time I took them on vacation, I would open my suitcase to a shampooey mess. Even storing them in a Ziploc bag still made a mess when they opened and they opened every time. These bottles, while also having a flip cap, LOCK so I know they aren't going to open in transit and make a mess. They also are soft silicone so I can squeeze most of the contents of the bottles out which creates less waste. They come in different colors so I can color code my products and know what they are just by looking at them.

These bottles are TSA approved so you can take them on airplanes. They are BPA free and are made of food grade silicone. So, you can pack snacks in them or drinks instead of skincare products if you want and take them on road trips for the kids. I really like these bottles both for the non leak caps and for the soft squeezable silicone bottles that let me get more out of my bottles.
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Check out my video review too!

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