Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nothing to me says style like lace and gloves

I received these fingerless black half lace gloves for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated here and in my video are my own.

I love watching old movies. There is just something so glamorous in watching Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Joan Crawford, or Bette Davis strut across the screen. The clothing they wore, the purses, and hats and of course gloves just made them even more elegant. I have always loved gloves. I remember my mother having several pairs in her drawer, just simple white or black cotton ones that went to her wrists, that she wore for formal occasions. I used to get in trouble for taking them out and playing with them. I would get into her jewelry box and put on her rhinestones and then put on her gloves and strut around like I was queen of the world.

Then I got older and I was too cool for those old things. Sadly she passed when I was 29 and I still didn't appreciate those old gloves and they were either donated to a thrift shop or tossed in the trash. Now of course I could kick myself for not keeping them for myself! I just think they are an elegant tie to an era that we no longer have. But....the wonderful thing about fashion is that it reinvents itself every few decades and old things become hot and brand new again.

I was asked to review a pair of half lace gloves and I jumped at the chance. These are not the simple wrist length cotton ones that mom and those of her generation wore. These are fingerless and stretch all the way up the arm to practically the shoulder, but they still embody the elegance of wearing gloves. They are a simple cotton for the bottom half before turning into a nice lace with a beautiful pattern. The lace really makes these gloves stand out and they will make any woman who wears them feel sophisticated. I am so happy to see these on a come back and I hope to see more ladies wearing them. Gloves just seem to dress up the occasion. They are great for formal occasions like weddings, dinners, and of course prom time. I have a video review of these gloves below and I hope you can see just how beautiful these are. You can purchase them on Amazon at  at only $9.95 a pair. They come in half lace, all lace, and all beige.

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