Friday, May 6, 2016

Wiped Out...Yep it finally happened to me!

I kept hearing about my reviewing friends getting wiped out by Amazon. These were good and decent reviewers that, like me, used their products and wrote detailed honest reviews. I sympathized with each one as they posted their status on Facebook and then ran to check my own account to make sure it was still there. Each time breathing a huge sigh of relief that I was still standing.

Yesterday, Amazon came for me. I checked my reviews in the morning to make sure the photos that I had posted the day before had uploaded. Everything was as it should be, so I emailed my seller the permalink so they could see my work. Then I just went about my day as normal. Had to deal with an oven that decided to quit on me ( another story), clean my house and do my laundry. Typical day off types of things that I do when I am home.

Last night I received an email back from the seller. He informed me that the permalink I gave him was no good and that the review was not on his product page. I ran over to Amazon's website to check and make sure everything was as it should be, but it wasn't. Everything was gone! Just my profile introduction and photo was there! No reviews, no helpful votes ( I had over 1,800) just a bunch of zero's! I stared at it for a moment and then let it sink in. I had joined the ranks of wiped reviewers.

It hurts, I will admit it. I tried to tell myself last night that I knew it was coming. I mean so many good reviewers before me have been wiped and Amazon is cracking down on fake reviews. Us honest ones are just a casualty of the war on fakes. More and more people are complaining that the reviewers that receive free or discounted items are biased, and some are I am sure, so Amazon is getting rid of us slowly and methodically. Soon it will all be verified purchases only, but sellers will figure out a way to get around that to improve their rankings. When one door closes they will find another one.

I am depressed and it comes and goes. I feel like I was fired from a job. I wrote good reviews and I always left a disclaimer. I used each and every product and was honest about how I felt they performed. If they deserved a 1 star rating, they got it and if they deserved a 5 they got that too. I reviewed days after I received the product and I didn't review more than 3 or 4 things a day. I played by their rules and they wiped me. I will get over it. It is just a review site. I had a good run of a year and I got to try some awesome items and give my opinion on them. I will continue to use Amazon as I have quite a lot of credit still on my account and I am not going to waste it. It just was kind of a shock to me.


  1. Uggghh, That totally sucks! Im sorry. I guess we all feel about like we got wiped right now with all the chaos going on!!

  2. It happened to me too but I ended up seeing it as a blessing and enjoyed my summer.