Friday, October 30, 2015

Step on trash can review!

I received this trash can at no cost for my review. All opinions here and in my video are my own. This is a great little trash can for my room. It has now replaced my custom designed one that I bought from Target 2 years ago. Custom made because I hot glued some tan fabric onto it and added colored buttons to jazz it up. Ok I regress here.

Back to the new can. My new trash can is larger than the above mentioned one. I put a standard 7 gallon trash bag into it and while it was a tad large, it is bigger than the small grocery bag that my other one held. It also has a lid which will keep the trash in the can and not on the floor. IF I was to eat food in my bedroom, which I do not, the lid would also keep the stinky smells in the can. The step on mechanism is very simple to operate. Step on the pedal and the lid pops up so you can drop your garbage in. The inner bucket is plastic with a metal handle so it is easy to pull out and empty when it is full. Also because it is plastic, it is easy to wash out should you need too. Using a trash bag in there will help keep the gross necessity of washing it out down. The outside is a brushed stainless steel that also is easy to keep clean. Just use a sponge or a rag or even a paper towel and your cleaning agent of choice and its cleaned. The brushed finish also repels fingerprints.

All in all as you can see in my video above, it is a great little can with a lot going for it. It isn't huge so it would not probably be good for a large family. What it would be perfect for is a couple in a small apartment, or a student's dorm room. Other good places to put this is a bedroom like I did, a bathroom, or an office because it does hold a good deal of trash for its size. You can purchase this trash can on Amazon at

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