Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bold & Full Wednesday, 11/9/16 Vote for your favorites!

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The top 12 designs for our Design the Good Contest are here! It's time to decide who will win the competition! These t-shirts were designed by women, for women. They are moms, sisters, daughters, and business owners, with empowering messages meant to strengthen and support other women. In addition to supporting each other, each vote to get to this point meant money donated to charity. In this second year of the contest, we saw more than 3,500 votes! The time has come to narrow down the finalist list and pick a final winner....It's time to vote with your $$. In addition to picking your favorite, you will be giving more good with your purchase. 10% of each sale will be donated to the charity of the choice of the winning designer. You can click through to see each designer's story and support the one you absolutely love! The designer of the tee with the most purchases wins $1,000 (plus royalties on the year's sales) and the winner's choice of charity will receive the whole of the donations. It's a big deal - please vote and encourage your communities to participate with us.
Design the Good Contest Finalists!

The code is DTG1 and it will make each tee $16.95 + FREE SHIPPING in the cart. The code is valid November 9th through November 16th. Remember, each purchase for a specific finalist tee is a vote for that tee! Check out the Winners Here!

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