Saturday, December 26, 2015

Walk your way to a healthier you!

This blog post is about a pedometer that I received at no cost in exchange for this review. However all opinions about this pedometer are entirely my own.

Happy New Year to all of my readers, new and old! Seems like every January we start out fresh with new resolutions to make the year better than the one that just passed. We vow to eat better, save more, spend more family time, stop smoking, exercise more and a host of other things. I didn't make any resolutions last year until 2 days after my birthday, January 25th. As some of you know, I had a doctor's appointment that day, stepped on the scale, and had a big wake up call!

I am fat! Call it what you want to...obese, fluffy, chunky, large, big, or plain overweight! I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember in my life. It probably started right after I stated puberty at age 10. I have bounced up and down over the years and have done every diet imaginable. I just haven't been able to stick with anything..until now. That hop on that scale literally changed my life. It has been 11 months almost to the day since that shock, and I have now lost a total of 47 lbs out of my 50 for the year. I have changed my eating habits immensely and I walk.

So this year again not on New Year's but on my birthday, I am setting another goal of 25lbs by July 25th and a fourth by my birthday in 2017 which will make a total of 100lbs. I am doing it slowly in small goals that I can achieve and feel good about. I am almost half way there now with only 3 lbs to do before January 25th. It feels wonderful and I can see the results in smaller pants and not breathing like a steam engine when I have to walk a few feet or climb stairs.

So, I want to talk about walking. It is an easy way to exercise, it can make you sweat if you do it long enough and it helps get you healthier! I started out slow. I think I walked around the block for the first 8 weeks twice a day, and then gradually built up. I now have a job at a retail store and I get my walking in there every day. I can log a good 5000 to 7000 steps at work without even realizing it. Which brings me to my next thought. Get a pedometer to count your steps! A pedometer will keep you motivated and most likely stimulate you to even walk more! You can set a goal of however many steps you want to take and increase it as you want to challenge yourself. I am at 5000 to 7000 now and I am going to up that soon to 10,000. Walking is so easy, and it gets your heart going, opens your lungs, and makes those muscles work!

I found a very easy to use pedometer online here  It is by Ozo Fitness and it is easy to set up and use. You just follow the instructions in the box. I think it took me all of 10 minutes to set it up. Set the clock for 12 hours, figure out and set your stride, input your weight, and that is it. The clip at the top is very secure and it wont fall off your waistline once you clip it on. The dial is very easy to read too so you can keep track of your steps and how many calories you have burned at any given time of the day. I love  mine! I keep it clipped on me all day and I am surprised at how many steps I take even just around the house.

Having this pedometer on reminds me of how many steps I still need to take during the day. I park my car farther from the stores in the parking lots. I take stairs instead of elevators, and I look for ways to increase my walking during the day. It is so easy to do, and it helps burn calories. Since I started work in September I have lost 14lbs! I had hit a plateau and was struggling but walking really helped me to get myself moving in the right direction again. I really urge you to check out their website and pick up a Ozo Fitness pedometer for your New Years fitness goals.

Happy New Year from my house to all of you. May 2016 be everything you anticipate it to be and may all your goals and hopes come true.


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