Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Something Moms can relate to

Today's blog isn't going to be about anything I've sampled lately. No pitch to buy this or try that. Today's blog is about kids, specifically my kids. I haven't really talked about them here at all other than to say in my bio that I am the mother of three grown children. So forgive my motherly ramblings for this one post and see if my post either resonates with you now, or remember it for the future because it will definitely come back to you in later years.

I'm not young, hey I'm not old but I am 53 so lets call it what it is, I am older. My kids are all grown and out of the house and I left my ex husband and all his baggage six years ago. (That is a story for another fifty entries). I relocated from a very busy city, San Francisco, California and moved to what is called a census designated area. In other words, the sticks. Its beautiful here, lots of pine trees, lots of nature and not a lot of people. Talk about a huge culture shock! But I regress, I started this off to talk about my kids.

I started having kids at a  young age. I was 22 years old and only married  4 months when Giovanni, who we call Jon, made his appearance. By the time I was 30 I had given birth to 4 kids, and sadly buried 1 of them.
When you are young parents, you are so busy with life. There is working full time ( at least for me) and trying to get everyone fed, diapered, settling fights, finding that special stuffed animal so Stefani will stop screaming. You know what I am talking about. And it can be so stressful trying to balance work, home, and a relationship with your other half. Then as they grow older, its school and activities like soccer or basketball and ballet. Or they are in two different schools and one has to be here by 8 and the others have to be clear cross town by 8:10. Its truly a balancing act to be a parent these days.

Then one day, the first one is an adult at 18 and ready to take on the world. He decides no college and gets a job. You start wondering what your life is going to be like when the chaos of the kids finally slows down. And soon 6 years later, and those years zoom believe me, the second one is 18 and then a scant 2 years later the third. I can't stress how fast those years fly when you look back at it. I mean here they are grown, working or in college with steady girlfriends and boyfriends and you are remembering them toddling around in diapers learning to talk. Then you start to realize that they don't need you like they used to. Oh, they will always need you for something lol a lot of times its a shoulder to cry on or money, but its not like it was when one of them fell and scraped their knee. They have someone else to kiss their boo boo's and feed them soup when they are sick. Its a scary feeling when you realize that those babies you gave birth to are grown.

So, as any good mom  would, you let them go into the world armed with the knowledge and good sense that you gave them. You worry and you know they will make mistakes as they make their way. You did the same thing when you were young it just felt like you were more mature than these children are. Some days you are so proud of what they have done and other's you still want to thump their heads and say "What the hell were you thinking?". But all you can do is be there for them and love them unconditionally.

Anyway, I was just thinking about my kids this morning and how much I love each of them. How I wish I could change things for one but he has to figure out his life on his own. He is 31 and has a son of his own. This just made me want to write down all the things that were going through this old ladies head. I hope I haven't bored you and maybe like I said in the beginning, either struck a chord with you or will in the future.



  1. Sweet. Cute pics of your kids. As for the 31 year old, you have to live and learn. You can't tell your kids anything. Lol. You have adorable children and wish the best for all of you.

    1. That is so true and there are times when the tough love comes into play. I love him but I have to let him fly. Its his life and his choices

  2. I can def relate! I love the story and I love the photos! Thank you for the glimpse into your life!