Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Great set of 96 gel pens from US Art Supply!

I received these pens at no cost for this review. All opinions and views are strictly my own.

I love gel pens! One could say I have a bit of a gel pen addiction being that I own close to 500 of them. Sitting down with one of my many adult coloring books and a good set of gel pens is the perfect way for me to unwind or just occupy time when I am bored. I just put on some good music, pull out the pens and get lost in being creative. I got this set of 96 Jewelscent Gel Pens from US Art Supply.

 They actually are two set of 48 pens, not one set of 96 but they are still pretty nice. They come in a plastic box in 4 trays of 12 pens so they are easy to pull out and use and put away when I am done. The colors rang from classic black, blue, red, green, and yellow to neon, pastel and metallic. There are even 6 shades of what I call mix up colors. These are my personal favorites. They have several different colors of ink in one base. The colors change and even mix as you use them so you are never sure just what color is going to come out of the pen. I have owned several sets of gel pens and none have had these mix up pens before this set. I love them and hope to see full sets in different types like glitter and neon come out. I would definitely buy them if they did. These pens are very comfortable in my hand. It is easy to see what color I am using because the barrel of the pen is clear so I can see the ink. The caps are also color coordinated with the ink inside. The ink flows well and makes it easy to fill in large areas of design quickly. They are a fine line pen so you can also use them for writing in greeting cards and they will look great! 


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